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  1. Hi guys. the trusty ez30 has given me its first problem after 2.5 years of trouble free motoring there is an intermittent fuel/ignition cut happening under both acceleration & cruise. i have no idea where to even start with this. any ideas would be appreciated. also if anyone has a scan tool they would be willing to plug in to check for codes i would be very appreciative / supply a box of beers. oh and no engine light on either
  2. can confirm i am attending, and taking my car so plenty of room if anyone needs a ride
  3. ive confirmed for lunch and go carts.
  4. Got the front rims on. Guards need rolling rolling before i can drive it very far
  5. they were already fitted to the car when i got it, so i have no idea what they are off. when it comes time to replace the break pads i'm sure i will figure it out
  6. Porsche 6 pot on the front and brembo 2 pot on the rear
  7. Yea I've been looking for ages for something decent. these came up and i thought why not give them ago. there is about 1mm clearance to the front caliper so i think I've gotten away with it
  8. They are xxr rims, not sure what model. took a punt cause they were only $900 delivered. said punt appears to have paid off they are 18x8.75 +33 offset. i am positive guard rolling will be required...how much remains to be seen. i'll get tyres fitted next weekend, and by then my coilovers should have arrived
  9. Na they didn't. I'm considering some of those extended wheel nuts Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Did a quick test fit. clearance is clearance right? also are legacy's 12x1.25 for wheel nuts? i need to get narrow wheel nuts to suit these rims
  11. Bought some new shoes. Haven't done a test fit yet so hopefully the clear the brakes
  12. Mine made 126kw atw on the MCR Dyno. stock exhaust apart from Fujitsubo rear mufflers, and a cold air intake