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    Hi everyone well I'm Perrin and yes I drive a Subaru 2002 WRX STI version 8.
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    Working on my STI and rugby league
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    Waitara Newplymouth TARANAKI
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    Forklift driver

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  1. Hey bud you from the naki? You herd about Subaru taranaki car club?

    1. Max Power

      Max Power

      Hi, yeah sure am. Not seen it, flick me some details?

  2. Hey everyone if your in TARANAKI and would like to join a Subaru enthusiast club pm me on Facebook [subaru Taranaki Meets] taranaki subaru Subaru TARANAKI 863 Members Join Group
  3. Hey bud talk to me I'm the creator of Subaru taranaki and Subaru taranaki meets ☺️