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  1. @sobanoodle those sensors with the green cables are the ones I'm missing. I've decided I'll put them in tomorrow. A mate and I will drill out holes and weld bungs in. The straight pipe is such a home job. It looks like crap. I'll probably get some resonators at some point because it's pretty raspy.
  2. That's for the older 3L motor. It only has one post cat sensor. Mine has the plugs closer to the engine, so won't reach that far.
  3. Okay sweet, I'll go get some put in tomorrow. Best way to space them out?
  4. Only issue is that because it's got no cats. The previous owner didn't put bungs in, so I can't put them back in, and if I do, I'll get a code for cat inefficiency. One day I'll get a proper tune. @gotasuby what do you charge roughly?
  5. I'm in desperate need to borrow someone's Openport cable, I just need to disable my A/F Correction #3 (postcat O2 sensors). My Legacy 3.0R 6spd is straight piped and has cats and secondary O2 sensors removed. Runs great, but rich. Which after about 10k, fouls the plugs and runs lean.
  6. So I have a Rev B BH Legacy. Car has 239k. I bought it really cheap with a blown motor. It had run a bearing really bad. I bought a replacement low mileage long block. Came without ancillaries and without a primary turbo. So we dropped it in with the old primary Turbo. From the blown engine. The turbo didn't seem to have any bearing play, but was full of oil. On both intake and exhaust sides of the turbo. The new engine ate a heap of oil when we first started it. But I quickly put new plugs in to help prevent damage. The factory engine was an EJ208 being a manual, it now has an EJ206. So the compression is 9.0:1 but the ECU thinks 8.5:1. Don't think that has anything to do with it. But it's worth a mention. It boosts fine, on both Turbos, it goes like a stabbed cat. But this primary turbo rattles at idle and when returning to idle. It's a really obnoxious rattle too. If I push on the wastegate lever thing. It changes pitch. I'll attach a video I took of it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Cheers