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  1. I’ve always got custom ones since they are usually cheapest and sound awesome. Big single adrenalinR one across the back would be quiet and flow a lot. depends on the look you want as well. Single side is way cheaper than both sides. You can always have a fake set of tips on one side to save $$$ only others like the currently fitted one came on the car and are high end Japanese ones. Though it’s loud and I’ll be removing it at some stage. It is titanium so very nice but LOUD. The other option is if you can weld is to cut the top off the factory one and modify it and reweld the top on.
  2. Have you looked at the wiring ones are in there. Not always a nice single page but you can trace the pins.
  3. It’s not great but be careful what you get. The down pipe makes a big difference to sound and what sounds good before can get loud and drone. With the auto that maybe really bad. the intake actually seems to make good gains looking at dyno plot. Maybe 5-7 wkw.
  4. Managed to get sound deadening into the passengers door this morning. holy f*** cleaning the glue tar sealer took ages. Couple of places they had put two lines of it. The previous owner had also played in there and smeared it all over the place. also found out that the speaker surround is hitting on the door card. Which has crack in the speaker grill too. Slapped door panel back on and ignoring that one. Not a huge fan of the current budget infinity speakers thought they are better than the factory ones. When they die I’ll fix it and get nice speakers.
  5. Checked battery as health indicator said call service. battery tested ok and may need trickle charge for a few days. Only checked as forgot to turn subwoofer circuit breaker on. also got a recall notice for the airbag finally. Also they added the relay that can catch fire one which is years old but they never bothered to send.
  6. Yeah post them up here and I guess we have a vote / democratic process to pick the best ones. I legit own photoshop so can help out with tweaks if needed. But best to check your backgrounds twice before snapping away. Spend a second or two looking around the edge of the subject to see what juts out. I have ruined many great photos that way. ie the second photo has a house growing out of the roof of the car. Crouching down would hide it behind the car and only have sky.
  7. Ok since someone asked... being we are really super sketchy lucky in NZ and are the only country in the world that can travel time to get outside and snap some great new photos. remember to leave a bit of room to crop things to fit if needed. Edit by RAYDEO: As well as posting here, please email your high res images to Only landscape images will be accepted (turn your phone sideways). images may be substituted if high res image is not supplied. Images may also be used on social media to promote ClubSUB. Credit will be given where possible.
  8. I vote everyone foam/snow covers their cars and we combine them into a single page for one month. yes real snow can count.
  9. With the exhaust and pitch stop I have no issues with road noise, I can’t hear it over the drone
  10. Do the rear side ones to reinforce what you have (not in photo of purple car) optional lower only front side intrusion are LVVTA and no log book last I checked (almost horizontal bar in middle of left edge in purple car) only the front hoops, upper side intrusion and through the firewall are MSNZ authority card items. there are a few catches with the harness bar as you really need to know what seats and level they will sit as there are harness angle horizontal to 20 degrees. Not the biggest deal to move them later as the welds aren’t covered up. the upper if you haven’t go grab schedule A from MSNZ site free and look through it. also your LVVTA guy should have told you how far the bars can come forward toward the seats. I had issues making the half into a full as welding the new front hoops up by the roof. it required the roof to come off or the bars to bend down to weld 360 degrees around, not ideal but again can be done. .
  11. I was recommend the rear triangulation bars as if you get hit in the back or go backwards first into the wall the rear bars can collapse forward. It makes less chassis flex as it braces the door opening which is a weak point too.
  12. That’s a good price All 245/40r18 on an STi. I’ll be getting Michelin pilot sport 4s later but they are 19” minimum so they will be 265 or 275
  13. Nice Are you getting side bars from were he is welding to the bottom of the lower points of the main hoop? you are also allowed to have front intrusion beams from the main hoop to the front footwell under LVVTA last time I did one. Makes a big difference to the chassis but you can still get in and out easy. I set the bars low so about seat cushion level at mid point. Make sure you photo graph everything a lot and keep the paperwork from the pipe order in case you finish it to a full cage.
  14. Found out Yesterday the water blaster had one on these foam spray attachments so tried to turn the car into a snow sculpture. turns out free foaming spray nozzle isn’t the best so it didn’t foam enough to stay stuck. auto glym foam lasted on the ground for hours afterwards. for first time this year the car was almost clean. this morning covered in bird s*** again.
  15. Since I likely need tires for a WOF and heading south soon... Help...