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  1. I checked stickers in your other topic. says STI on guards from factory.
  2. Partsouq says it came with STI stickers for front fenders. under GF8-015083 outer accessories 919-01: LETTER MARK its missing the large WRX from the boot though. But with respray I wouldn’t put it back.
  3. Call MSNZ tech team. They are easy to deal with. Also they are the only opinion that matters. They will also know the changes to requirements over that time. It’s easy to redraw the diagrams and measure the outside but you’ll need the specs of the steel like cold drawn seamless and the wall thickness and sizes. hard bit is the bends minimum thickness and photos of the welds.
  4. Wind it up until it doesn’t make much noise and wind it back a bit.
  5. Have you adjusted it up from full soft? most likely it’s starting to open before you are at full boost and leaking power. did you idle the car and make sure the port stays closed before you drive it?
  6. Again good service and managed to fit the car in on a busy day.
  7. What about the offset from disc face to wheel mounting face. as @Andy_Mac said the front disc are a lot flatter than the rears. Look at the offsets in the post earlier
  8. Yeah. Oil pickup tube with rubber insert or you can just get the insert that stops the pickup hitting the pan. I ordered the whole thing as secondhand engine with unknown history.
  9. The whole pickup or rubber boot thingy. I added one to my order. basically everything in the kinder topic is on order. pending that slow @Niran guy.
  10. I have a set on TM. Maybe be able to send in a car to TGA but that would be weekend of 1/2/2020
  11. Mine are 330mm front disc face to wheel mounting face front 28-30mm Rear 45mm front disc is also fatter at about 35mm there are a few sets around but shipping will be a killer.
  12. You may have some rear discs. look inside them for scuff marks from the handbrake drum pads.
  13. How Many mm are the Brembo disc across? 330mm or 315mm?
  14. Did you not get the matching discs? I’m assuming you are swapping fronts only as brembo brakes have a handbrake drum setup at the rear.
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