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  1. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  2. why did you tell me that....?
  3. Fixed the problem entirely, got new front rotors as they were warped and were already at minimum thickness, so I grabbed some DBA T2 Slotted rotors and now there's not a sound from my brakes!!!!
  4. Went Pitstop, it was an exhaust leak by the secondary cat.. Getting it straight piped and deleting the secondary cat as the cat's half broken anyway, hopefully it's only a little bit louder.. @sobanoodle you still want a video? I took one and it basically sounds like exhaust leak hahaha
  5. At first I thought it was intake too, but had a look at it, checked filter and everything and it seemed fine... Think it could be a gasket leak then... Hopefully..
  6. I'm waiting on some brake hardware to arrive, gonna change the brake hardware and then try and clean up the brakes as much as possible and hopefully it'll make a difference... So far it still sounds like 1000 dying kittens...
  7. Will take a video and post it tomorrow, don't wanna wake any neighbours up at this hour..
  8. Yea, turns out the my subie wanted to show it's inner Honda.. No check engine light..
  9. Would exhaust gasket blowout cause loss in power? I think my car lost a bit of power since it started making that noise... Idler pulley bearing, whats the damage like on the bank usually?
  10. Was driving my car home tonight (2007 Legacy GT JDM), stopped at the lights and then took off, this weird exhaust-y noise came from the front of my car closer to engine bay, I thought it was a Honda next to me at first but then realised it car from my car. I stopped on the side and turned off the car and started it back up again, still had that noise.. A bit louder through the lower rpms, and I can't really hear my exhaust from the back (HKS hi flow exhaust).. Also feels like there's less power.. Gonna take her to the mechanic tomorrow morning, but any ideas what it could be? I checked under the hood once I got home, couldn't find anything unusual..
  11. Awesome, will definitely check.. Thanks
  12. Did you keep the back plate of the brake pads when you install with em? Or had them removed?
  13. Yea same here, parked for maybe an hour and reversed out and was loud as heck.. Yea I did get my rotors skimmed just last December, they should be pretty even but I'm planning on checking them tomorrow..
  14. Nah they're not racing pads, just for street application.. Yea same thing here, I park my car inside as well.. Have you looked into getting anything done about it? It's quite loud and it just doesn't sound nice at all...
  15. Hey guys, Recently got new pads for my Subaru Legacy which has been fitted with v7 brembos. The new pads compounds are much harder I guess compared to my old ones, as these ones (Dixcel EC) are meant to create less dust. When I first drive the car and say reverse down my driveway, every time I brake a little bit the brakes/rotors screech like there's no tomorrow, but after I brake a few more times its gone. I've come to the conclusion that it's corrosion on my brake rotors, that's why when I don't drive it for a bit, moisture gets on my rotors and then i'll have to brake a few times to rid of the sound. It's really annoying, especially when you have heaps of neighbours around and you leave the house before most people wake up. Any recommendations of what I could do? Cheaper the better, so obviously new rotors that are resistant to rust/corrosion will be last resort. Thanks guys in advanced Ben