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  1. Checked belt, mint condition. I played with the tensioner a little bit, so far no problems yet. But will have to see what happens over the next few days. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. awesome, will give that a go and see if it improves the situation. thanks
  3. Hi guys, My power steering pump is screeching quite badly on cold starts but seems to happen more likely on warm days. So when I start the car, it immediately makes a very loud screeching noise and goes away once I get the car moving a bit/give it a bit of gas. I thought it could be the pulley but recently it started to stop working as well after the cold start for about a second when turning the wheel. Will try and get a video, but I just tried to get some videos this morning but it decided to start up without making a noise or anything. Anyone had the same problem before? The real question I need answered is whether I need to replace the pump completely, or can it be rebuilt/repaired whatever. Car is 2007 Legacy BP5 turbo JDM. Thanks in advanced people!
  4. It's all bolt ons really, but have spent a lot of the car already and I'm bloody attached to it... Any idea around how much I'd be looking at?
  5. Hey all, Just got a question about doing a 6 speed swap into my Legacy GT JDM. It's already a 5 speed manual, what would be required to make the change and how much roughly? Thanks in advanced!
  6. looks like its gotten a bit cheaper? haha.. which other intakes are out there for our cars? I'm after something like Grimmspeed where they have pipe, filter and an airbox kinda thing.
  7. Is this the one you have? http://www.grimmspeed.com/grimmspeed-cold-air-intake-subaru-legacy-gt-05-09-outback-xt-05-09/
  8. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  9. Fixed the problem entirely, got new front rotors as they were warped and were already at minimum thickness, so I grabbed some DBA T2 Slotted rotors and now there's not a sound from my brakes!!!!
  10. Went Pitstop, it was an exhaust leak by the secondary cat.. Getting it straight piped and deleting the secondary cat as the cat's half broken anyway, hopefully it's only a little bit louder.. @sobanoodle you still want a video? I took one and it basically sounds like exhaust leak hahaha
  11. At first I thought it was intake too, but had a look at it, checked filter and everything and it seemed fine... Think it could be a gasket leak then... Hopefully..
  12. I'm waiting on some brake hardware to arrive, gonna change the brake hardware and then try and clean up the brakes as much as possible and hopefully it'll make a difference... So far it still sounds like 1000 dying kittens...
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