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  1. cheers team will book it in and let you know what the outcome is
  2. My cars at 150k so I'm guessing its original. Any recommendations on what to replace it with
  3. hey guys just wondering if anyone has a way of telling if my car has a single or duel mass flywheel in it?. Clutch is almost toast so just want to know what I'm in for. 2005 legacy h6 6mt cheers
  4. Cheers guys will find some air and give it a blast I've tried the pin but hasn't done anything noticeable
  5. Has any got any tips on how to unblock these the left one is kinda working and right has become useless
  6. I have had a knock for a while it got really bad last night to the point of grinding had a look today couldn't even tighten the bolt
  7. I wanted to do this but struggled to even see a h6 manual facelift bp on the Japanese auctions. Went with a 2005 h6 from nz couldn't be happier leather, sunroof and manual. It's super fun to drive
  8. I work Saturday arvo/ evening will try to make the next one
  9. Went for a drive today sound like it's at the front of the engine at very least engine bay. Sorry I was meaning it won't happen if I plant my foot on the accelerator or brake. Releasing the clutch with or without throttle give the same noise. Think I will grab one of the guys for the garage and go for a lap of the block. Thanks for the help Engine stay feels pretty solid and doesn't seem to move much. Shitty weather and no garage wasn't so keen to crawl under the car. Thanks for a starting point
  10. I'm not the most mechanical of people but I've noticed a thud whenever I release the clutch while moving. It won't happen when braking or accelerating. I had the transmission mount replaced the other week any ideas before I take it to the garage for a look.
  11. Had my shifter knuckle replaced today turns out I also had a snapped gearbox mount. Feels like a completely different car to drive now that I can find gears
  12. I got one private in te anau don't think I had seen a traffic light since it left Japan. Seemed pretty legit one nz owner lady in her late 30s so hardly trashed
  13. Which one did you buy? I've been watching them on trademe looking forward to picking mine up when I get to nz next week