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  1. I've just picked up a '98 manual Legacy GTB in White (wagon) and the previous owner has painted the wheels black. I am wanting to have this car as a weekender (my daily is an '06 3.0R-B; and want to return it to/keep it as factory as possible. Does anyone know the colour code that the wheels came factory? I know it is more of a bronze silver than just an out and out silver colour. Besides showing the panelbeater photos online, wondered if I could get more specific than that for him. Cheers.
  2. Hi @csrgm1915 yep still very happy with my option from Rapid Radio, cheap and easy replacement and gives me enough performance my my relatively basic needs, more punchy than the original sub too.
  3. Foe the bluetooth system, get in touch with a guy called Lance - he is based in West Auckland and has a mobile service. 021526 238. Plus he has a legacy wagon himself so you know he knows what he is doing and can see it in action before he does the work. Works with my music/spotify and can answer and end calls with my steering wheel buttons. Its great!
  4. I ended up doing a straight swap for a new sub in the boot as the factory one kept tearing. I used Rapid Radio just off K Road and they installed it for me while I waited. Seems to be working fine and I've had it for the last 4-5 months. I didn't end up getting the one I quoted in my original post, but another one that was slightly cheaper that they had in stock. If you drop in and see them they will be able to show you a couple of options. Zero Flex 8" woofer.
  5. @Andy_Mac I have airbags unfortunately.
  6. anyone ever end up installing new seats? I have an '06 facelift BP 3.0R and hate the seats, once you start pushing in the corners I move all over the place.
  7. ah this makes sense, I just got this on mine with a flash of a number "3" and I had been driving for 3 hours straight!
  8. I have a BP5 JDM 3.0R-B, I was coming home back into Auckland from Rotorua yesterday, and on the dash below the tacho where the trip meter info normally shows how many km's of range left, km's done etc etc, a number "3" flashed up along with some Japanese writing for about 4-5 seconds and then disappeared. It did it 2 or 3 times. I have had the car 7 months/10,000km and never seen this before. It flashed up too quickly to have time to take a photo of it. Has anyone seen this before and know what it is telling me?!?! Cheers.
  9. @LegacyBLErbd what was the outcome of all the above? Did you make any changes? Any issues with noise? Increase in performance?
  10. It was a 4ohm, same as the factory one. Was a straight replacement in the space in the boot corner - Rapid Radio installed it in about 25 minutes. To be honest for my music listening it seems 100% fine. very happy.
  11. thanks guys, I ended up going for the rockford one as it fitted easily and was a straight replacement. To be honest I am just happy having reasonable factory sounds and no nasty vibrations from the old split factory sub.
  12. I have managed to source a rockford-fosgate-p3sd4-8-8-4-ohm-shallow-subwoofer from Rapid Radio in Grey lynn which is 8" shallow sub and also 4ohm. Am i right that this should work as a straight replacement or am i overlooking something with these complex Macintosh factory set-ups?
  13. Car - 2006 Subaru Legacy 3.0R-B WAGON with McIntosh factory 12 speaker system. So I have the standard issue that the factory McIntosh sub has split (I got it repaired at Axent Audio in Auckland but within a few weeks it had split in another place) so I am keen to replace it. I have fitted a blue-tooth kit to the factory McIntosh head unit as I quite like the factory set up, and basically couldn't justify the massive effort and price in changing out the head unit with it being interconnected with the dual zone climate a/c unit. I have found a replacement Sub which is a KENWOOD EXCELON KFC-XW800F SHALLOW-MOUNT 8″ 4-OHM SUBWOOFER from Driving Sound on Dominion Road - kenwood-excelon-kfc-xw800f-shallow-mount-8-4-ohm-subwoofer. The McIntosh is 4 ohm and so is the Kenwood unit I have found. I like my music but wouldn't say I particularly crank it all that much, thus I am not keen to go and "start again" with the whole system in order to get some that is next level. I want to know if the Kenwood unit will work as a straight replacement and will work with the factory amp (under passenger seat) as I have read some forums which make me think it won't, but the people at Driving Sound seem to think it will. The next issue is fitting it into the back right corner of my wagon, as although the unit isn't any deeper it is slightly wider overall (behind the front of the sub) so the bracket space needs to be increased. I could pay another $200 bucks and get box for it but then I loose some boot space the factory look which is quite important to me. As I am new to Auckland, I wondered if there is an automotive fabricator/chippie or someone else handy who I should/could get to do it. I just need some assistance in carving out some more space in that back right corner and creating a slot for the new sub. I am happy to pay the money to get it done properly as opposed to stuffing it up myself! A quick Google landed me on "Stu's Trim and Sound in Manukau. I am sure they could do it easily enough - any other suggestions or comments on the above in terms of things I have overlooked?! cheers. Mark
  14. Hi Smooth EZ - What did you end up doing? I have a '06 BP Legacy Wagon with factory McIntosh 13 speakers too. The sub-woofer has split soon after I got it, so I have repaired it but within two weeks it has split again in a different spot so just want it replaced. I am happy with the factory set up (I wouldn't say I play music really loud or anything) and have also installed a bluetooth unit so want to know if there is a compatible sub that can be straight replaced? cheers.