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  1. Thanks. its all but all done except for the inlet piping which i am waiting on from Ebay, while modifying the old inlet manifold I cracked an elbow and cant be sure the Araldite fix is holding. What i didnt say earlier is that I actually bought a cheap estate Legacy from Germany in 2014 when I started the conversion job. This was the donor car from which I got the steering rack, dashboard, door cards and other bits and pieces. I also cannabilised a lot of the wiring and used it as a template to make all the measurements to put the clutch, steering opening and so many other things. Funniest thing, after I had tore the car literally to pieces and presumed it would only be good enough for spares. some guy bought it off me and put that one all back together again. The biggest headache was the wiring which took me a year even now, my windows dont work and the central locking is non existent. I will have to work those kinks out in time. I discovered that the RHD drivers door handle has some sort of sensor that is not on the LHD (now drivers side) seems this sensor along with another on the inside door is buggering things up. I downloaded the wiring diagram from a website but stumped and I cannot seem to find the equivalent LHD drivers door handle on Ebay. Other mods include. - Powered drivers seat....I now have both front seats with power fore/aft adjustment - larger TMIC as ambient temps here are as high as 40 degC - Raised ride height (about 1/2 inch all round) - Bigger 225/50 tyres up from 215/45 on the same 17" rims No it isnt, friend Never Occurred to me. Looks like technically, that would have been harder with less returns
  2. Yes. Took me 3 years working every other weekend and 2 attempts before I could get it right. The primary turbo lives just inbetween the brake booster and the starter motor but now angled slightly towards the water washer bottle. I also had to raise it by about 3 inches and remove the heat shroud. It meant I had to remove and alter both the collector coming from the exhaust link to the secondary and also the downpipe coming to the catalyst. The clearance between both is about 10mm but is enough. Same clearance between the steering universal joint and the turbo. Lots if heatwrapping going on in there. I dont have a carlift so I used the ramps to access everything. I am now working on opening a car repair workshop maybe in the new year.
  4. Feedback suggests that the above link isnt working. Funny as I have checked and the access settings are open to public. I guess you have to regfister with these domain sites before you can view content. So for those in Imageshack you can search for DaVincifan. I have also uploaded more pictures to Flickr and there you can search under BunmiAdeoye. Hope this works. Regards
  5. Some pictures of my 3 year RHD to LHD conversion. First time using Image shack. Hope it works