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  1. Yeah if you're keeping the macintosh amp then try pair a sub with similar rms impedance. Second issue with that sub is how far that spiky dust cap may sit out (if any). You could always rip it off.
  2. I paid $100 by memory, and they seem to come and go at this price. Retail is around the $200 mark. TS-SW841D
  3. I'm still yet to do mine, but I've picked up a shallow mount pioneer sub from trademe (120w nom by memory) that should slot in. haven't tried on the original amp for now, as i'll give it a better source later. Andy above using a Hi-Lo converter is an easy solution! Some older amps have high level inputs too. I'm going to strip the rest, as confirmed the front speaker woofers have lost their foam surround and don't want to dabble with fixing/replacing those drivers. At the recent auto sound&security, they had a single dim headunit mounted into the McIntosh headunit area quite nicely so I'm going to try this.
  4. Appreciate all your responses thank you. Yes, looks like the Bluetooth hijacks the clarion bus interface since they made them for McIntosh. I've picked up a shallow mount pioneer sub for the gap. Have been considering a high-low level converter for a new sub amp, but found my front speakers are shot. Replacing those hits issues on impedance (4ohm vs 8) and potential crossover issues if I drop in components and the stock amp is also filtering the signal before the crossovers. I'm going to have a crack at completely redoing the system if anyone is interested in the details, tapping into stock speaker wiring etc.
  5. How'd you get on with this Mark? I'm in a similar situation with my new 04 outback and I'm reluctant to strip out the old system as I did with my old subie (took a day). Also, what bluetooth system did you install? Cheers - Peter