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  1. Yeah, it was really awesome to meet everyone there, we left at around 22h00 was a good night, many good topics discussed and some very awesome cars came out! Definitely doing it again next time! (Great interior work btw Invisible, my mate really likes a lot of the stuff you have done!)
  2. Was really awesome, there was some really fast cars, and that impressive green Rotary powered Starlet. The format was good, but the sound/PA system could do with an upgrade. The flagger was on point and super consistent, very similar routine, I think this event can become really huge. Not as packed as I would have hoped it to be, but was a very awesome night for sure. Can't wait for the next one!
  3. Hi, I was there, Pretty sure we talked for 5 seconds (do you have the rotated BW turbo setup?) Took a look at your setup, awesome job. I was there with a black LGT Spec.B, did rather well in the C6 class. Was a fun night, the Track outlaws last night was also very Awesome!