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  1. Old: Mobil Panmure Roundabout New:
  2. Indeed I did, pretty much straight bolt in for me, I think I had to slightly cut the heat shield to fit, but basically bolt in. One thing to note is that my car drove very differently after, I would get some silly boost spikes (not sure if turbo related or tune related?) But I have now since done a couple other things (front mount, ebc etc.) and been tuned and run 223kwatw, but prior to front mount was doing something like 178kw
  3. Yep that's the one Yes I am, based in Howick. Thanks for the kind words
  4. I'll be heading down from Auckland too, so yes should organise something for all to cruise down together
  5. Will reveal all this weekend hopefully (all things going to plan) otherwise it's going to be another week before I can show em off
  6. Haven't done anything yet but some goodies arrived from Japan today After I paid customs and duty
  7. Hopefully try and grab this tomorrow if I can find time on the way home and parking otherwise it'll have to wait lol
  8. Old: Site of the new Bunnings Warehouse Westgate - Fred Taylor Drive New:
  9. Oh damn, I think I might be able to get this one!
  10. Yeah I have them on my car, I really like them. Yes they are removable, however it depends on how you attach them and the type of lettering you get. I sanded the sidewall where I was attaching them to, so that I had a smoothish surface for them to attach to, I also used a heat gun to apply some heat prior to gluing them on, as I don't really fancy one of my letters flying off when driving
  11. Fast game is a good game indeed Old: Half Moon Bay Boat Ramp New:
  12. Old: Macleans Road (artificial turf) New: