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  1. The birds attacked my car were S*** not happy but at least I got to give it a good clean
  2. Good morning guys as the title says I found the parts for adding cruise control on to my car and this is all you need getting the new brake light switch in was the hardest big hands and no room but I managed to get it done. Any question just ask
  3. I’m finding lots of bits on this sti car and my gtb to I love finding these bits. The rear sway bar had G628 on it no idea what that means I’ll check out tonight on the inter web.
  4. Is that the front Swaybar? Or the rear? What’s the factory sizes ?
  5. Twin drain pipes but still a sexy arse.
  6. Ok changed some sitting may need to wait until I get home so I can use my computer.
  7. Ok I’ll sort that out Andy if I can figure it that is lol.
  8. This is my setup looks ok I think.
  9. My new BP5 sti has a huge exhaust the old owner said it was a HKS system it’s by far the best exhaust I’ve had on a car. At idle it’s still louder than my GTB both cars have big tail pipes that fill the wholes up in the rear bumper. Looking forward to a track day when one comes up at Manfeild.
  10. I drove it to work woke my neighbour up just by starting it up arrrr that Subie sound parked away from everyone to come out and find they’ve all parked near my car again. I love it when people open there doors on my cars.