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  1. matt and i scoped the place out last year (i've still got the pics if you haven't matt) and it's a mint spot for a camp....might have to do a mish out and make sure the ground isn't cracked to buggery... but we were keen for this last year...lets give it a proper go this year!!
  2. LMFAO roger that... mark says "they weren't on there when i had it!!!!!!!" bloody butcher car yard!! UPDATE: THANKS GO OUT TO A CERTAIN CS MEMBER!!!!!! plate number FOUND!!!!!!!!!
  3. yea i know!! i dunno how in/out of date it all is tho, i found it ages ago when i bought my car, when i was trying to find out what sorta kit i had
  4. yep.. i found a random pic with pricing of the full kit, same as i have.. was something ridiculous like: (in US$dollars btw) front kit ("front aero bumper)- US$1109 back kit (rear aero bumper)- $924 nose cone (front wicker spoiler - $333, front mask $388 - unsure whether it's a spoiler or mask) side skirts (side steps)- $785 spoiler wing (roof end spoiler) - $924 eyelids - $222 =US$4352 http://www.cardomain.com/ride/420721/8 (gotta scroll down) dunno how old these prices are, but they were for a BE/BH, 98 upwards
  5. lol have you read all the thread? it was to check to see if the car was actually there... turns out, thanks to kind people doing recon for me... that it's not there
  6. OOOooo i have full prova kit on mine.. that nosecone alone is worth like US$333!
  7. thanks funkytown the way i see it... if someone else was in my partners shoes, they'd be very rightly upset, and would go about it as best they know how under the circumstances.. and if one of the parties involved at the outset, refused information, then that's not playing fair. there are other more costly ways of getting the plate, which we will do if no joy here, just thought that a fellow member would help out i did put in other posts, the reason why we didn't just do the obvious and ring him, (edit) and why we would so greatly appreciate people keeping it under wraps....if he's been honest, then he has nothing to hide, and will be unaffected by our legal foray. if he's been unfair and unjust, then the law will do it's thang
  8. because when this all started a few years back, he avoided my partners calls. it might sound like shit to you, but please understand, lawyer knows the details, and it's not shit. we just thought that someone on here might be understanding enough to know that not all details can be posted.. and just try and help us out without being nasty about it
  9. i understand the LTSA's legal obligations, but grr bugger them not being able to tell him his old plate number!
  10. *please note* we are not trying to screw the car yard over... partner just trying to clear his name with baycorp and work out why all this has happened. if any of you were in his shoes, you'd be upset at a huge debt that shouldn't be yours too.. we spent quite some time talking with his lawyer, there's more to it than i can post on here at the mo, but all we're needing is to know if the car is there, and if so, what that elusive plate # is, that partner can't remember thanks again everyone
  11. I live just down the road so I'll take a look on Sunday when they're closed. thankyou so much!
  12. YES 92 VP SS commodore (SS has been taken off) 2 black stripes over top of roof, front to back, and unless they're masked the interior, the seats are black and grey SS colours. non-standard mags, 2 square driving lights (spotties) at front, normal bootspoiler and towbar unless it's been taken off
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