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  1. New Turbine Speed 2 sensors available on Trademe. The later version of 5EAT transmissions are notorious for P1710 faults. Subaru’s fix is a new valve body $4200+++ The Hall effect shaft input sensor is the problem. Replace it yourself an easy fix.
  2. New "Turbine speed 2 sensors" from Japan contact me at. .......
  3. New computer for the home screen, obviously!!! under warranty. Apparently not an uncommon fault with these models.
  4. I have a new VF40 for sale on Trademe with gaskets, will bolt straight on. Bought, then changed my mind and went bigger. My loss someone else's gain. No tuning required.
  5. 2008 2.0lt GT legacy. I was getting occasional very hard shifts under hard acceleration and on inclines, sometimes with flashing transmission temp, ABS light and traction control light. The fault decode was P1710, “turbine speed 2 sensor”. 99.9% of the time the car drove very smoothly. Research on forums and other online info I was able to determine the fault. The sensor is a HALL effect transducer incorporating a transistor and from experience transistors do not like getting hot. Given that these symptoms were occurring under hard acceleration and on inclines I deduced that the sensor was being overheated by transmission oil, reducing the oil level seemed to stop the fault codes but hard shifting still occurred. Subaru’s Fix was a new valve body at $3300. This is a known fault and Subaru has subsequently modified the valve body. I removed the valve body, detached the sensor as seen in below photo. I then purchased a generic Hall effect 12mm sensor SENSPD500 from MSEL in Marua road, Pamure. I mounted it at the same height and position as the original sensor as per the photo below. To date, 3 months in, the car drives sweet, no hard shifts, no fault codes.