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  1. Sounds good! Well if I did get a bigger turbo and swapped to 100, would I be safe to drive it to get it tuned? I don’t want to do any damage to my car on the way up and installing the new one before arriving there is the only option really 🤨 Hopefully it would just be a case of not as good turbo response/lag prior to a tune.
  2. Thanks guys! @Andy_Mac @pl0x Ill find out what the standard one will cost and if it gets expensive then I’ll just bite the bullet and buy the 20T and get a tune and do it to 100 octane opposed to the 95 it’s currently tuned to...maybe it’ll eliminate the knock issues I had with it last time or at least allow for it to be tuned a little more? Thats an interesting point about the first tune too Andy as you would have thought that they would have mentioned it to me if the turbo wasn’t in the best of health. Before/after the tune I noticed hardly any gain down low and only in the top end, which could have been explained by a worn/tired turbo due to spoiling issues? Whats everyone’s thoughts on 95 v 100? Is the benefit going to be noticeable 🤨 I would say on a manual 100% but not sure with autos really.
  3. Would it need a tune? My cars already tuned so I wonder if the 19T would be better if it’s similar to OEM as my cars been tuned to that. Last but important question is, do these turbo bolt straight on to an automatic? I’m not sure if the engine layout is any different?
  4. Thanks heaps everyone!! Funnily enough I was looking at both of those two turbos as viable options. Can anyone confirm if I would need to have my car tuned or work on the headers etc if I did buy one? If they’re a straight swap then it’s even better as my tune shop is a 6 hour one way drive away!
  5. Thats just my budget, I don’t want to spend that amount if possible! Haha! Do you know what turbos would be bolt ons?
  6. Good afternoon all! So my car was burning oil and so I took it in to the garage and they have came back and advised that my turbo is most likely the cause. It hasnt completely gone but has a lot of play and is in need of repair/replacement with some internals no doubt. My question to everyone is do I send it up to Turbo Tech in Christchurch to be dismantled, repaired and rebuilt or do I look at bigger or alternative turbo options for my wagon? If so, which? I feel fortunate that the turbo hadnt completely died on me! Ideally a bigger turbo would be better (more power?) but I’m also looking at cost effective options too. I have $2/3K for the repair and replacement all up (at the moment) so any advice would be greatly appreciated, as always!
  7. So is the general consensus that an 07 GTB 6S manual tuned to 100oct with a GS TMIC, Decat DP + 3” Catback Exhaust, GS 3Port BS, Intake (maybe not necessary) and a new OEM or AM Fuel Pump can safely make 200KW+? ... Without blowing the engine up etc. I just want a fast, reliable daily and that’s the only reason I’ve considered the Golf R too as no mods will be required haha. Im a little lost with the turbo talk sorry, would a OEM turbo do the trick or should I have to fine another?
  8. Cheers! I was on the NPD website just now and it’s confirmed that there’s one soon to be opened in Cromwell and it’ll have 100octane.....not 3 Parks but closer!! It was most def. your car that I saw too then 😁 @Andy_Mac Thanks! The Golf R is 199kw stock and 233Kw at Stage 1, I think that it’s ATW but I’d need to confirm that. I have the Repons already as I got it off a friend for $100 and set it to full re-circ on my auto. Nice to know the Perrin is trash as it’s cheaper than the GS TMIC so I had considered that first. In regards to a fuel pump, do you mean an aftermarket one or a own replacement? If it’s aftermarket would you suggest injectors too or is it overkill considering the stock turbo is small. Orrrr is there a better/bigger turbo to consider or is that pointless too. I imagine Id be happy with high 200s anyway as the more I think about the Golf R it’ll cost me an extra $10k after factoring in the upgrades on a 6S GTB manual. 161Ks is a worry though for modding but I guess I can make the car as bulletproof as possible prior
  9. @IZichard thank you that’ll be awesome if it’s possible, I’ll try and look into it a little more once I’ve made my mind up. I think I finally saw one of your cars last month too park around Ryhme & Reason area, do you have a small ClubSub sticker on your car? Also good to hear its not just me whos of the mindset of doing “petrol runs” haha, makes me feel a bit better, especially now there’s 100 octane in QT too. OK gents, let’s assume I buy the 6S Manual over the Golf R. Compared to my 5S Auto, if I transfer on to my new car/install the following, would I see vast gains compared to my Current car tuned to 95 (I want to say it feels only around 230 HP) Installed/modded onto a 6S manual GTB - - Subtech 2.5” DP (unless I find a 3”) - GS 3-Port BS - GS/Perrin TMIC - Invidia Q300 3” DP back system - GFB Repons + Lowered (aesthetic/handling I know) - Remapped to 98/100 octane I want to aim for high 200’s HP as the Golf R is around the 310HP mark with APR Stage 1 and to buy is $25K (111K’s) and only needs 98 fuel opposed to LGTB 6S $13.5K (161K’s) and with what I have already got and additional costs for the TMIC/Tune of say $2.5/3.K makes its $16.5K or $17.5K for anything else that may be advised by yourselves... @Andy_Mac I can afford either option but realistically should go down a wagon route being in Wanaka so I can put my roof box/bars on the new one before I sell the old one, alternatively I can buy a new foot pack for the one and do the same for the golf. My last cost effective option is to install the 3” exhaust I have with a TMIC and tune it to 100 octane and see how it performs then 😕 ?
  10. Thank you both! I’ll be looking into the OBD link cable most def. if I’m deciding to go ahead and stay in the Legacy space. @Andy_Mac I’ve just been told that Queenstown has 100 octane fuel at one of the petrol stations over there now, I’m guessing it’s one of the new ones by the airport. Would this fuel see a significant benefit to both auto/manuals? I’ve considered buying my fuel once a month now and getting 4/5 30 litre fuel tanks and filling them and keeping them in my storage u it if I did decide to go for a 98/100 octane tune I think at the moment getting a 6SP manual may be the better option and transferring most of my stuff over and then selling my old car, I don’t think the amount of lose on the two would be massive either, maybe $2/3k? Not sure what an Auto with 160K on it goes for without a little trade me research
  11. Morning all. i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some general engine health/maintence. My cars serviced within its recommended K’s etc but I was wondering if there is anything I can do/buy to clean inside my engine in terms of any carbon deposits etc. Ive seen that some places sell fluids that you can put straight into your system. Does anyone know of what would be best and if they do/don’t work? I recently put some injector cleaner in with my fuel which seemed to help/had a noticeable change but I’m wanting to know what more I can do? I’ve changed out my spark plugs and Ill be getting a compression test shortly too. The reason I ask is because I’m torn between keeping the car I have and making sure I can maintain it as best as possible but I also want more power at times and so I’m debating selling it and buying a APR stage 1 Golf R or the same car but the 6SP manual (currently own an auto) The BP5 is a little more practical though living in Wanaka. When I got my car tuned there was a bit of knock and so it limited the tune. I currently have a GS 3 port boost solenoid, Subtech DP, quad tip sti mufflers, it’s lowered and tuned to 95. I also have a full 3” invidia Q300 system in storage, money for the GS TMIC and have considered tuning it to 98/100 oc, but haven’t installed it yet as I’m not sure where I want to go with my car yet. Would installing these 3 things on my auto really benefit me in terms of power gains along with general engine care (to remove knock etc) I guess the plus plus side of putting it all on is if I get a 6S manual I can just transfer it over. Sorry to ramble on guys, I’m in a bit of a pickle with my car situation 😕 ill also get some photos posted of it to show you guys seems as I’ve not posted anything since I got it standard. I love it visually haha. Dean
  12. Thank you all! I was just toying with the idea and it seems like it’s not worth it! Haha
  13. Morning all. I just have a quick question. If I have the OEM 18 inch wheels on my 07 LGTB and wanted a slightly wider/fuller stance look, would it be possible to buy wheel spacers from scarles etc to achieve this? I understand that my wheels may be the way they are for a reason (AWD system/rubbing etc) but I thought I’d ask and see if I can achieve this without it effecting the car in these areas Cheers!
  14. I toyed with this idea too but wasn’t sure about hooking it up to my McIntosh headunit etc as the amp for the factory is pretty weak. in the end I just removed the broken McIntosh sub and went to town with epoxy around the outside of the torn speaker and put it back in, sounds pretty good for me! Haha
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