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  1. Hi HannesNel, I have been following this thread: Brilliant write up by @richnorm I'm not sure if there is an exact way to tell if it is compatible but I have a mate with the exact same model as mine (but has CC) and apparently most newer cars already have it programmed into the ECU I have added in the steering wheel buttons and Cruise Control activates on my dash, just does not set or cancel due to the missing 4 pin switch
  2. Hi, I am in the progress of fitting cruise control to my 2010 Subaru legacy I’m after a 4 pin brake light switch that I seem to find easily everywhere online. But unfortunately I am having a very hard time finding the 4 pin connector that plugs into it. Is there any chance anyone would be able to tell me what the part number would be or where to find it? I had a chat to someone from PartSouq and they were unable to help me without a part no.. Also, would anyone be able to give me info as that which ECU pins I need for wiring the 2 required wires to it? This is what I need: 1. Brake light switch (PN: 83370AA001) easy to find – or the alternative: 2. 4 pin male connector to go into the above (no idea where to find) – Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Richnorm, I know this post is ancient and it is so super helpful. I was just wondering if you could help me out with one thing. I'm about to do my 2010 legacy and the process seems exactly the same as yours. But I am having a lot of problems figuring out exactly which brake switch to get. Also, the brake switch you got is the one I can find online, but I also only have a 2pin plug (male) that goes into it. Any chance you know which 4pin male plug I need to buy? This is what I found online but no luck finding the plug that goes into this one:
  4. Thanks for the advice. Yes mine seems similar to the 2010 Exiga done earlier in this thread. I found the wiring diagrams and seems pretty straight forward to add the 2 wires to the ECU, but I can't for the life of me find anything as to what pins I need to add wires to the ECU or what specific 4pin brake switch I need... I found this one but it seems like a female and I'm assuming I'll need a male plug as well? Sorry I'm very new to modding and not always sure what I need...
  5. Hi Sobanoodle, I have a 5th Gen Legacy GT and I really want to install CC in it. I see you mention that it's not as easy as plug in play for the 5th gens. Any chance you know of a guide for my car? I have been unable to find one, only 4th gen and different models.. I'm planning on buying the OEM steering wheel buttons but unsure what else I'd need
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