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  1. Cost me about NZ$35 so you can have it for that. If you are interested I can stick it up on Trademe. cheers Richard
  2. I've got a spare cc pad (new, unused) if you still need one soobanoodle. Good news jono!
  3. Some now even ask you what value to put for customs purposes!! Parsouq offer cheap and fast delivery. I have only ordered once but would do again.
  4. I did unplug the wires and the radio worked just fine so clearly they don't do anything important. Still got the Japanese welcome though.
  5. Some progress. Those three wires go directly to an unused white plug under the steering column where they are spliced into other wires which appear to head for the steering wheel. Next step is to follow where they go. I did try pressing the buttons to see if there was a resistance change at the radio end but alas no so maybe they are not connected to the audio switches at all.
  6. Thanks Sobanoodle. I think DIY brain surgery would be easier. Those links were some help but don't quite get me there. I am going to have to pull it all out again to see what those highlighted wires do. Might even be a way to disable that annoying Japanese greeting which would be a bonus! I think I can use a multimeter to see if resistance changes when buttons pressed. Just can't seem to find complete information on what each of those connectors is for. But violet/white seems to be a standard steering wheel control colour...
  7. Phew, panic over! Had visions of a screwdriver left down the back causing mayhem... Yeah, just took off the negative. Always do just in case. New battery tomorrow.
  8. Thanks, on charge now. Seems to be taking charge at least!
  9. I had the battery disconnected to poke around the audio and now the car won't start. It had a kinda slow turnover first try but now just get rapid clicking and flashing of lights on dash! Is it just a flat battery or something more sinister? New car (to me), wife not happy and blood pressure through the roof! 2010 Exiga
  10. Seems you are almost there if cruise buttons are recognised at the ecu and you have the 4 pin plug for brake/stop switch. Just wonder if cc cars have a different clutch switch too. Might be worth a Google. I am surprised the dash light doesn't work though. Good luck, took me a while to get mine going...
  11. This is the adapter. Seems to be labelled with white tags. Any idea what the steering wheel inputs wouldf be labelled? Descriptions are not obvious to me' cheers Rich
  12. Can you help? I have this Jap navi/stereo in my car I added the audio buttons to the steering wheel. You guessed it, buttons don't work. I did some Googling but all the plugs seem different! I was expecting a white 20 pin plug into the HU but seem to have 13 (14 with one pin missing)with something which looks like an adapter to a black plug which goes into the HU. Since there are two wires for the steering wheel controls and all the pins are wired-up I assume there is an electrical link to the buttons but the HU isn't responding to the signal but really don't understand any of this
  13. Thanks Ross. Didn\'t your\'s have a 4 pin anyway? I think some cars have the 4 pin even though CC not fitted. Hardly seems worth the trouble of having different looms and switches but that\'s marketing I suppose! I did notice when researching Freessm that a car appeared not to have CC activated though maybe it gets loaded when you install the buttons? Something happens then though might just be a reboot after battery disconnected?
  14. Final step is the reconnect the battery. Some kind of intall/reboot occurs which takes about 30 seconds - don\'t touch anything unless you understand Japanese! Now you can go for a drive and enjoy cruise control! If you get an ABS/traction control warning (like I did) it will disable cruise. I think this was because I didn\'t allow enough brake lever travel. I adjusted the bolts a few turns and the problem has not happened again. If you have problems FreeSSM has a helpful cruise control diagnostic. That\'s how I belatedly realised I needed a different brake switch. That\'s it. Hopefully this
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