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  1. Has anyone with BE5 D 2001-6 and above tried this?? Cheers
  2. Sure will upload some pics after resize them to 2mb lol I have an instagram for my car thou!
  3. I see! Though so but wanted to try anyway! Might the hose #1 mod will have same reaction?
  4. Hi! i did the Hose 10 mod in a BE5 D 2001/12 with re-written ECU BOV Center pipe and Back pipe changed, i was running almost the same as without the mod with the difference of when hitting 4.000+ rpm the engine started to knock, so I reverted it again. But no idea why it was knocking too much boost? Vacuum leak? i live in Japan and petrol is 96 to 100 Ron so I wouldn’t say it was caused by low quality petrol, and after i reverted it works totally fine solid boost all range and knocking is gone! Shall i try the Hose #1 mod? Cheers from Japan! Instagram: @subarulegacyrsk