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  1. All I'm seeing at the moment is this forum on where to write when you can't see anything! Just me?
  2. $100? Too much? Too little? Have some old rings and gudgeon puns for them too.
  3. Thanks for the info. Semi forged is definitely a shorter term, but yes, doesn't fully label them correctly. So what would the code ART L1 specify, I have never seen a full run down list of piston codes like you would see with chassis codes. I guess it's purely a case of so many codes being used, it's hard to document every code used. Perhaps I should just label them on trademe as RS RA pistons and when someone asks if they're forged or what, I say no, they're "High temperature die cast". That should avoid confusion. They've lasted 25 years, they must be made of pretty good stuff.
  4. My knowledge extents are that cast pistons and semi-forged have the same initial manufacturing process, but then a semi forged is dipped in something providing a super strong surface on the top and sides of a piston, giving a forged like surface where wear and tear is prone. Forged is of course one big solid dense mass on top, sides, underneath, everywhere. A semi-forged provides faster expansion in bore than forged, lighter and quieter than fully forged, and yet they provide a stronger and more resilient piston than a traditional cast item. A very good middle ground and perfect for mass produced high performance road vehicles. Strength, lightweight, resilience, quietness, cheap... As for hatching, yeah, who knows. Yours didn't have them, mine don't, yet some people are adamant that they do. Bit of an anomaly really. Maybe some factories buffed them out afterwards, who knows...
  5. Haha! Sorry kamineko, amateur. Change a head gasket, swap a gearbox, upload a picture to the internet... look out! Yes, this guy is also saying about the hatching under the piston too, which is also no real sign, as yours don't have them, and a V5 STI set I sold didn't have them either! Confusing... I'm pretty much going off sales brochure, RS RA had semi forged from factory, these came from an RS RA, therfore these are semi forged. I could smash it to destruction under a pressure test, but seems a waste!
  6. Dam, didn't post actual images, but the links work. Are they are semi-forged...
  7. http://imgur.com/cgl5fln http://imgur.com/1rkVDHO http://imgur.com/VgISEAB hoo them be some large pics
  8. Yes, the underside is all smooth. I forgot how to show pictures...
  9. Got a quick question, don't know of you can answer it, it's about the legacy RS RA pistons. I'm trying to answer a question about whether or not they came factory as semi forged? I believe they did, but the old pistons that I took out are stamped ART L1. Do you know what that means? A guy told me all subaru semi forged pistons are stamped HF, which I thought maybe the case for the wrx engines, but perhaps the legacy had different stampings? There was a few years between them, a code change could be possible? What are your thoughts on this, and do you know what the stamp ART L1 means? Google yielded little results... :-?
  10. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have some c spanners for adjustable shocks I can borrow for the weekend. There's two ring sizes, 80mm and 70mm.
  11. Revs are good, but that seems to be when I blow up...! JE STROKER SERIES pistons, 0.5 oversize, $800 NZD. Says not compatible with OEM rods, need to machine above pin end to clear under crown of piston. That doesn\'t sound safe... New rods to suit would have to be the go. I\'ll keep an eye out for an old 2.2 block. Parts would be a lot easier to source too...
  12. Oh no, not what you want to hear! Haha! Ok, some research required then. JE website it is...
  13. Awesome, sounds like you know what you\'re doing! I think I will try find an old 2.2 block first up, but if I can\'t, I think I will have to look at machining the block to take a EJ 257 crank a bit more. I imagine they\'re a similar price from subaru as a 2.0 crank. It sounds like an interesting project. And I can just use the factory rods, with a possibility of full forged pistons if budget allows... I don\'t think I could afford a full EJ 257 block. If I could though, then yeah, just swap heads as mentioned earlier, a whole lot easier by the sounds of it.
  14. So I can\'t use the early 250t crank just because of journal size? Is that the rod journals or main journals, because if it was rod, I would need new rods and pistons then huh? Need a EJ 257 and then machine block for new crank? That does sound like a lot of work... Well, something beyond my skills anyway. Does Koom work at RDL?