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  1. Update stock Early GC8 wrx springs in a gc8 shock with gc8 top hats in a bc5 lower the car 25mm over stock. Perfect for what I wanted. Keeping it stock looking Looks tidy and even front and rear now.
  2. 🙏 thank god this info is still on here, I finally have a bc5 which door beeper is working - will be doing this after work
  3. Oh yo I didn’t know that, I’m not too clued up with the “sti” stuff, the struts were out of a 95 gc8 wrx, so yeah incase anyone is referring to this info in the future, and you are looking for gc8 struts that fit in a bc5 - if you have normal shocks match them with early non sti wrx normal shocks🤙💯 I think what went wrong with the super lowering is that because I could only get springs for a gc8 (couldn’t find any manufacturer that does bc5 springs) and the bc5 is heavier than a gc8 that’ll be why it went super super low, im going to try the stock gc8 springs in The new shocks on the weekend, definitely need it half way in between what it was and what it is now 😅
  4. does the GC8 have inverted dampers? The GC8 shock absorber part (lower part of the suspension) looks identical to the BC5 shock absorber. The only physical difference is the top hat for the spring. - this is for the front of the car - I havnt done rears anyway finished the fronts today and for some reason it ended up waaaay too low in the front haha, I used James springs which was ment to be for a 40mm drop - but it has dropped it closed to 60-65mm arggg, I might just put the stock springs into the new shocks I wanted to avoid coil overs so I didn’t need a cert now I’m going to end up spending the same amount on another set of springs 😆
  5. Hmmm for some reason I remember there being a list of swappable Subaru suspension bits on here already completed- I might need to start saving gen 1 legacy info on physical printed paper before I get too old 😆 all sorted now anyway I ended up using measurements to cross reference so I’ll add to the list GC8 Front Shocks (complete) fit BC5 chassis (BUT) only physical difference is on the GC8 the springs taper to a smaller diameter at the top so the spring top hat (not the top rubber bush mount that connects to the strut tower) is different to the bc5 This is an important note for anyone wanting to lower a BC5 without getting adjustables as I was able to source brand new shock absorbers which happen to be the same as GC8 ones anyway (just the lower part) and top mounts but I could only find GC8 lowering springs so I had to buy a set of old GC8 complete shocks so I could salvage the top hats to create a complete shock that fit back into the BC5 chassis aa for the rears I think I’ll just leave them for now as it’s already got “saggy bum” 😆 man I hope this forum stays alive as there is important info on here - can I donate to help keep it going ? I tried to do it on the site but it won’t let me
  6. fliiipppp where is this list - cant find anything in the mega faq -_ -
  7. thats the one thank you! Should go into the archives 💯
  8. Yeah thought that - cant seem to find that site either haha, ah well
  9. Heya all Been awhile Was scanning the archives as ive recently picked up another BC5 There was a detailed list of all the 4Plug WRX/RS/GT Ecus with Specs etc - A great list I have often referred to over the years Ive been looking high and low but cant find it on the site anymore - Now im starting to think it may have never been on clubsub - scratching my head abit Hopefully someone can link me Thanks it Advance!
  10. Lots of engines will fit, but if it's not the same engine you might be up for some extra work, the 205 is a good motor and common as, I'd be on the look out for a lowish km second hand long block ej205 if I were you
  11. 1st gen foz - im biased of course having owned a non-turbo one, reliable as f***, got me everywhere, (had awd hi/low), come to think of it my mates mrs still drives it to this day the rvr is a car you'd never catch me in
  12. Car itself is bloody tidy, bit of a shame to rally it but hey the mrs hasnt noticed so far Tyres are 215/65/r16 , raised the height nearly an inch after i got the tyres swapped 😮
  13. Looks as thought current my rear swaybar is 17mm, although it says 22 on it Having trouble norrowing down whether or not the cross sport version had upgraded sway bars, definately came with upgraded suspension but whether that includes sway bars not sure Was speaking to a cusco rep and he rekons for 280+GST he can get me an 18mm sway bar which is 180% stronger than stock Kiwiflyboy has put me onto the 22mm whiteline swaybar, which ill probably go for, as it is most likely 340% stronger over stock if my maths i made up are correct image hosting
  14. Gearbox is manual - says in the first post yes I Defo want to induce oversteer, I’m so used to Controlling the oversteer from my younger days lol. But when I got a bit of understeer during a corner I was like ewwwww so big rear swaybar it is! I’ve never done a sway bar before - I’m hoping there is a kit that I can just buy off trademe because if I have to measure anything I know I’ll never do it i won’t be lowering it, body roll on gravel / dirt is hard to feel, only feel it when driving on tarmac gripping hard im running a 5% larger than stock A/T tyre on the stock 16inch rim
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