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  1. Lots of engines will fit, but if it's not the same engine you might be up for some extra work, the 205 is a good motor and common as, I'd be on the look out for a lowish km second hand long block ej205 if I were you
  2. 1st gen foz - im biased of course having owned a non-turbo one, reliable as f***, got me everywhere, (had awd hi/low), come to think of it my mates mrs still drives it to this day the rvr is a car you'd never catch me in
  3. Car itself is bloody tidy, bit of a shame to rally it but hey the mrs hasnt noticed so far Tyres are 215/65/r16 , raised the height nearly an inch after i got the tyres swapped 😮
  4. Looks as thought current my rear swaybar is 17mm, although it says 22 on it Having trouble norrowing down whether or not the cross sport version had upgraded sway bars, definately came with upgraded suspension but whether that includes sway bars not sure Was speaking to a cusco rep and he rekons for 280+GST he can get me an 18mm sway bar which is 180% stronger than stock Kiwiflyboy has put me onto the 22mm whiteline swaybar, which ill probably go for, as it is most likely 340% stronger over stock if my maths i made up are correct image hosting
  5. Gearbox is manual - says in the first post yes I Defo want to induce oversteer, I’m so used to Controlling the oversteer from my younger days lol. But when I got a bit of understeer during a corner I was like ewwwww so big rear swaybar it is! I’ve never done a sway bar before - I’m hoping there is a kit that I can just buy off trademe because if I have to measure anything I know I’ll never do it i won’t be lowering it, body roll on gravel / dirt is hard to feel, only feel it when driving on tarmac gripping hard im running a 5% larger than stock A/T tyre on the stock 16inch rim
  6. My mrs SG5 Foz is the cross sport version which is ment to have the same suspension as the STI, ive had a look, and the struts (the chrome shiney bit of the shock) is super wide compared to a stock RS shock so im guessing it does have the goodies (well shocks at least) Has stock 4pot brakes up front and 2pot rears Its funny you mention the rear diff whine because it was really loud when we bought the car and it failed a wof on on the whine and mechanic said rear wheel bearings, got them changed (cost a fortune) and it still whines just not as much but passed the wof -_ - what sway bars did you install, and did you do front and rear?
  7. Hey all Taking my Mrs 04 Forester Cross sport to a amateur rally in september Have already taken it to one event which was great! were talking seriously amateur rally on private land gravel driveway any I discovered - Handles like a boat - Tail doesnt kick out when leaving a corner on acceleration (fronts spin and understeer occurs) (this is on gravel) - Tail kicks out when braking even if only turning slightly (this is on gravel) Car is stock, stock boost, stock wheels, manual turbo Anyone know any easy cures? was thinking sway bars? It has slotted rotors on the rear (no idea why) Unrelated - Shock or near has a little clunk on drivers side wheel during turning on long right hand corners (on tarmac normal driving) - local mech cant find it and apparently its common as after google searching it Change sway bar ends but made no difference
  8. Join you regoins car club (if in auckland then Auckland car club - bit different to clubsub for example) Then there is a guy there you can sit your license with, took me like 5minutes its like learner license test only extreamly easy
  9. Weathers looking good! fingers crossed it doesnt change to S*** randomly :B
  10. Yep ill be there, come say hi if you see me, will be a great event imo, track time and drags if you want so best of both worlds
  11. Are you in AK? i think the BC5 guys are long overdue for a meet up, keen as to see a 6speed conversion in the flesh also
  12. What brand IC is it? Think my Fenix one is the same size (cant remember thickness) but havnt had any issues with mine my temps are sweet Your turbo rear is a 0.72 yeah? thats smaller than my 0.86 (i think) but you made more power than me so something is happening good yeah? Im still not 100% on my head setup as I never got them dialed in, in hindsight I probably would have gone to a v7 sti type head setup - shortie too I was thinking after the tune id get 270kW at 30psi, was very surprised to hear 270 came from only 23psi David said thats nearly all the puff the garret has, everything else was ok except my wastegate duty was maxed out What numbers were you expecting from the gtx twinny?
  13. How did I not know you have the same car as me : / lol thought I knew al the bc5ers
  14. THUNDA: 270.7kW ATW @ 23PSI - 431 NM Torque Model: 92 RS Legacy BC5 Displacement: 2.0l Mods: Garret / 1200cc Side Feeds / EL Headers / 3Inch Free Flowing butt-hole / FMIC / Link G4 Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: David @ Tune Technic Wastegate Duty was maxed out + The 5 Speed Gearbox is probably slowly dissolving each time I hit boost
  15. The VF spools fast, the TD05 is slightly slower to spool than a VF compare both of these to a big boy turbo - they are both fast spooling and make ok power - VFx and TD05 are both in the same ball park when it comes to the final number on the dyno sheet imo If I was using the car every day to drive to work etc - in hindsight id probably stick with a VF8 (for the rs - not your car) Quick usable fun power without having to speed to remind yourself you have a turbo But ill never go back to a VF or a TD now My Garret is slow to spool (compared to a VF or TD) , but god damn its well worth the wait My Anti-Lag and Launch control is setup safe as so I can actually use them without worrying too much about engine damage I used to think pops and bangs were the best thing out, not anymore - im glad tune technic changed everything, car runs so crisp and tight feels like a modern car moral of the story - just go big or work with what youve got imo
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