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  1. Ahh i see, yeah wasn't a big fan of it to be honest. looks way better black in my opinion!
  2. Haha i Know! i have seen you round too. i've seen a white one with blue Diesel as well, definitely think they suit the BP Chassis very nicely [quote name='Nith said: Your selling!! url]http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-883800739.htm[/url]Are you sure its lowered though? i Know, my mate was selling his 07 Spec B and he offered it too me for a really good price, so i couldn't really turn it down. i love my car but its just not practical to have both nor is it affordable for me to have 2 cars ha Definitely lowered, its hard to tell in the pics but the gap between the wheel and body is lower,and its got the aqua blue Dobi springs in it. the ground clearance is just a wee bit higher as they are 19" wheels I'm guessing
  3. My understanding was (from how he explained it initially) was he removed the intercooler etc and took it all apart and visually inspected everything and then cleaned and sprayed it with AFM cleaner type spray that is not so harsh on sensitive things like electrics and sensors. Will try get in touch with him on Monday to confirm and how he reset/re-learnt the TCU
  4. Would just like to bump K G Mcleods here to anyone in or near Dunedin, Alan there is very switched on with Subarus knew exactly what the issue was. He also fixed it quicker and cheaper than he initially quoted, service was great well explained and have basically found my new Suby Mechanic in Dunedin so i couldn't be happier A+
  5. Hey guys just thought i try start a wee thread here hopefully to help out some people but also get some feedback if others have had the same success as i have? Anyways it started when i brought my 03' BP shaped legacy (Tiptronic) car drove sweet but the gear shifts were just a wee bit to jerky/Rough for my liking. initially after researching a bit i tried getting the Trans serviced and fluid and filter replaced, which helped a tiny bit but I'm quite fussy with cars (have had this confirmed by the mechanic too) and getting them running how they should and knew there was room for it to be improved even more so. I dug a little deeper through forums and found out how sensor reliant cars are becoming the newer they are, and also how a trans issue can sometimes, not always be traced back to a sensor or engine, i wouldn't say fault but a part not performing at its best. After a bit of self diagnostics online i then went on to replace the spark plugs, flush the fuel system (injector cleaner) and ran some upper engine cleaner through the car which has in all honestly made the biggest change. Not only is the accelerating and over all responsive-ness of the car much better but the gear shifts are as smooth as ever! especially for and 03 Legacy with 159XXX kms on it And more Recently .. I have brought myself an 07 B-Spec legacy (Tiptronic also) recent cam belt change, and everything worked as it should except the gear shift between 2nd and 3rd?? not the other way around or any other change just that particular shift and was super rough sometimes jerking the whole car. i like to think i know a wee bit about Subarus as Ive owned 11 of them now but am certainly no expert nor a qualified mechanic but my first though was its obviously a trans issue. I only just got my car back from the mechanics this afternoon FIXED! - K G Mcloeds in Dunedin, couldn't recommend them and higher to anyone in the area. he'd encountered this problem before being either one or a combination of Dirty AFM, Dirty or faulty throttle position sensor and/or throttle housing. The car is that reliant on these sensors that if something goes wrong for whatever the reason like with my car and the car basically re-learnt how to not change between 2nd and 3rd properly. and sometimes even if the issue is fixed the car will carry on performing that way unless told otherwise, Admittedly he did do whats called a re-learn procedure with the car but some things the car would gradually relearn for itself or potentially something like an ECU reset may help Basically just would like to put out there that if you are having issues like rough changes between gears, rough idling or anything like that consider things that are just standard maintenance which may need replaced or cleaned that could effect acceleration or basic engine function as the ECU and TCU all work as one. Not saying everyone will be so lucky like me, it may turn out to be an actual trans problem but in the case of my 07 legacy I'm over the moon i only had to pay the mechanic $200 or so to scan the car, take apart and clean my intake and re-teach my trans instead of having to fork out $1500 and upwards for a new trans or major repairs which I'm sure some mechanics would jump to recommend without actually knowing just more concerned about what their back pockets will look like afterwards not your car. on a side note i hope this helps some people as i didn't come across an article myself where someone posted their results with this sort of issue or a similar problem annnnd another note my beautiful looking, and outstanding performing 03 Black GT-B Wagon is reluctently for sale as i have no need for 2 legacy Wagons ha, price is set a bit high as i don't wanna sell it to any old muppet on trademe who will just ruin it. If anyone is interested feel free to make on offer the wheels, tyres and springs are worth about $3000 alone http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=883800739 Thanks Guys!
  6. Nothing extra just all the parts the need replaced like water pump, seals, rollers etc. have you had your cam belt changed by him? any idea how he sits price wise? will give him a call tomorrow thanks
  7. Awesome Thanks for the Help guys, definitely keen on the idea of supplying my own parts just so i know whats actually going into the car, as far as mechanic go i would prefer just to have it done by someone who can put their name to it and provide some sort of record of it actually being done.
  8. Hey guys, am looking at purchasing an 07 GT-B wagon which is due a cam belt change and all the 100km goodies. just wondering i was to get it, is there any other recommendations to get this done other than Southern Motor Court, who quoted me about $1600-ish including water pump Thanks
  9. Hey Thats me! black 03 GT-B with 19" Diezel rims
  10. Hey guys have a noise on my TSR when turning the wheel, i\'ve noticed its not as bad whilst driving (but in saying that road noise and engine noise etc could be masking the sound) similar to the linked video just any idea what it might be ? not so much of a wining more like a vibrating or slightly grinding/wirring??
  11. k so the red ones sold, thoughts on the black one with 143XXX ? and re sale have you had much to do with that side of things i know its chain driving but the k\'s are getting up there
  12. Haven\'t actually looked at those yet, but will do now thanks! pretty well thought out opinion, i\'m all for cars that hold value
  13. Pretty keen to but the price of them is the only thing. my mate has one but his is auto, so mine would have to be manual & lower K\'s to 1 up him haha will put the prices up, hopefully can negotiate their prices down a wee bit I just dunno have had all & did like them all this time round though i have no preference haha hence why im struggling to choose
  14. right so i just sold my white 03\' WRX hatchback didn\'t want another suby cause that wrx was my 5th subaru in a row haha but it looks like i\'ve somehow convinced myself to get another. so heres what im choosing between (currently) 03 WRX Hatchback - Blue, Manual, 126XXXkm - 12000 ONO 02 Blitzen 6 Station Wagon - Black, Full cream leather interior, Heated seats, auto, 143XXXkm - 9250 ONO 02 Blitzen 6 Sedan - Red, Full cream leather interior, Heated seats, auto, 105XXXkm - 9990 ONO 03 WRX Sedan - Blue, Manual, Pre 100km service, 95XXXKm 11000 ONO Any Help on making a decision would be great wanna keep it under 10g if possible, low k\'s & manual but those 4 cars above are quite appealing
  15. Hey guys my wrx is due for a warrant soon and 2 of my tyres have seen better days ha just wondering if anyone has a set of rims with WOF-able tyres i could borrow for an hour or so just to take it in for a warrant? they need to clear 4Pots and will pay cash or a box of beers for the help! contact 0277177304 Cheers!
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