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  1. Just hit up ebay
  2. I got myself a second X-Force Cat Back exhaust from a wreckers a while back. Made a comparison video of the stock system to the X-force. Love the sound. No where near as raspy as the genome exhausts Sorry can't figure how to embed the video
  3. Sorry if this is a re post but had a quick search and couldn't find anything. Was changing the oil this weekend and I have had oil dripping from both bottom cam sensor's, took both out and found the O rings are both destroyed, and so was one of the sensors.... Sensor 'D' (bottom drivers side) ? plastic was brittle, literally broke apart resulting in extracting the metal end with long nose pliers. I can read DE 3728 on the remains. Hoping Strong for Subaru have some decent second hand parts. Anyone else had similar issues?
  4. I had a very similar issue with my Legacy when I decided to change my Blow off / divert setup to vent to atmosphere. Car would idle badly and almost stall the engine (being an automatic, not ideal) Changed back to recirculate and it went straight back to normal. It could be a leak or your recirculate pipe could be something to look at.
  5. Boat Sheds on Ngapipi Road!! I think...
  6. Anyone know of someone who won't charge a fortune for a small job? Need a tab replaced on my front bumper. Cheers
  7. Ok sweet, its a Subaru Impreza anyway.
  8. What do you mean by valid?
  9. Not to far away, go to Papamoa every now and then [quote name='jsan083 said: 0800 best deal do it for $39 ask for paul Brilliant thank you :-) will be in touch with Paul next week
  10. Just want to know the best place to get the A/C re gassed without been charged ridiculous prices here in Auckland. Or..... If anyone does it for a box of beer
  11. UPDATE: Taken the Zexel unit apart, i think its the variable temperature control piece thats causing the issue. Noticed that with changing the selection notch by notch the air temperature does change but instantly reverts back to hot. Going to attack it with some contact cleaner and see if that makes a difference
  12. Long story short, my partners GF1 EJ15 constantly blows out hot air, even if the unit is turned off. I know it could be a number of things, like radiator etc, no issues with the engine temperature, fluid has been replaced recently. Could it be the Zexel control unit itself? I have the dash apart at the moment and was looking for the air box, blender etc but I am abit lost. Doesn't seem to have a cabin filter either. I guess one direction to go would be to see if it runs the same with the unit unplugged, or replace the unit itself. Any ideas or if anyone has had the same issue that could help would be very much appreciated. Had a search and couldn't find any similar issues on this forum. Just a pain in the arse when the misses wants to drive and take her car, then got to put up with the hot air, in the middle of summer...
  13. I will have to have a look but I dont remember seeing numbers. It is a bit of a mission to replace to be honest... The easiest thing way to do it is to remove the intake manifold, other wise you will be struggling for a very long time.
  14. I just recently replaced the pipe for my BP5 with a stock replacement from Strong, cost $200 + :-(