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  1. and just like that they stopped working again! i hate electrical gremlins!
  2. well, this is weird.... the dash lights are back working! In my experience it's not often things fix themselves. Guess I'll enjoy 'em while they are back & sort a fix next time they go
  3. Cheers Jared, will give it a go. Makes sense it is a loose connection more than all the bulbs failing at once. muchos gracias amigos!
  4. Will check all fuses, thanks. Definitely not normal dimming - car simply doesn't have this function. The dash instrument lights are totally off, at night I had to drive with interior cabin light on to read speedo hrmm, considering car's low value & age might just live with it as not worth taking to an auto sparky.
  5. cheers guys, Brake & tail lights seem OK. Trailer plug could be the culprit - whats the best way to check / where do I start lol?
  6. Thanks man - will give that a shot!
  7. Hi guys, Have a BG Legacy and noticed the instrument cluster lights no longer work when headlights are switched on. All backlighting for other instruments like aircon controls, cigarette lighter surround etc still work. As these are on the same circuit I thought the fuse was likely OK, checked and confirmed fuse still good. Youtube clips show there are close to a dozen incandescent bulbs behind the dash, pretty unlikely they all blew at once you reckon? Perhaps a loose connection? No work has been done on dash recently, so I'm stumped why this happened. Anyone experienced similar?
  8. ah nuts! Man, accessing the drain from above is gonna be a pain. Might be easier to locate drain at bottom & blow some compressed air upwards (at half power)
  9. Hi guys, Recently learned how pollen & road grime etc can clog the drains coming from sunroof which leads to water dumping into the footwell and soaking the sponge underlay. After ripping apart interior to dry everything out I ran weedeater line down the front sunroof drains, tested with water and am satisfied they are now clear. Which made me think - are there rear drains too? I tried looking but if they are there they are so undercover at the back they would be impossible to access. Anyone know?
  10. cheers Batbaruman - I do have a multimeter, definetly worth a crack!
  11. ugh.. Swapped reservoir & pump assembly over today with no luck... guessing fault is in the wiper stalk as now both front AND rear squirters don't work. Don't suppose there is a fuse somewhere I should be checking? Did check both engine bay & interior fuse boxes but couldn't see anything obviously labelled / read Japanese
  12. Vasoline is also good for sealing leaking MR2 targa tops
  13. cool - thanks Firenza! How do you test the pumps on 12v yourself?
  14. Ok, so I have the second hand reservoir assembly complete with front & rear pumps. Looking at it as a complete unit I'm guessing it is going to simpler if I unscrew existing reservoir assembly and unclip pumps all in one & straight swap 'new' unit in. I'm thinking trying to pull out the defective pump only might be a pain with reservoir full and risk munting a seal. Any tips or hidden fish hooks to look out for?
  15. cheers firenza! Might have sourced a secondhand one so heres hoping that works out - WOF due in a coupla months
  16. Howdy folks, Noticed recently that the windscreen washer in our BG Legacy wasn't squirting fluid when asked to. I've checked the reservoir and its full and no obvious blockages. Then checked the fluid line going from firewall to bonnet by blowing compressed air thru and can confirm those lines are working. Can't hear the washer going, so am guessing the washer is knackered - seems about right for a 20 years old car! Is there any other tricks to determine the pump is at fault? Also what can I expect to pay for a replacement pump? Cheers
  17. cheers guys for the help, think its all sorted - light now stays off like its meant to.
  18. hey, reckon I did - think that was the yellow cable that had a green sliding switch on it. Might give it another look tho - cheers! Should I disconnect the battery when unplugging airbag wires?
  19. howdy folks, I was removing our 2007 Legacy seat and after putting it back in, the airbag light on dash cluster stays on. I googled and found these options: 1. Go to dealer to clear code, is this something any mechanic can do - no Subaru dealer here. 2. Insert wires into plug under dash, count & record error code, insert other wire into plug to clear codes. I'm not keen to do #2 jamming in wires without knowing exactly what I'm doing (youtube clip I found was of a USDM WRX), but also not sure #1 is an option. Would the airbag warning light mean that airbag wouldn't work in an accident? Appreciate any ideas!
  20. cheers andymac - will swap battery & see how it goes
  21. hey folks, Have a 2007 BP Legacy where the key fob only seems to work every other day - is this a sign of the keyfob battery failing, or the fob itself dying? Weird thing is it seems to work perfectly one moment, then other times no matter how hard/soft, long or short the button is pressed = nothing! Any ideas much appreciated
  22. Hey guys, Noticed what looks like white corrosion(?) on radiator overflow hose, is this going to be a problem? Here is a photo:
  23. ADIKT - that's a wicked write up, thanks!