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  1. yeap definitely, and sadly will be following in his footsteps
  2. Hi guys, We’re looking at buying a 2011 BR9 Legacy with a faulty passenger side heater not blowing hot. From talking with the mechanic & a google search it could be any of the following: blocked heater core electrical fault mechanical fault From my understanding the electrical fault is the most expensive fault, any ideas how to narrow it down without getting intrusive? Online search results only pointed to same issue in Forresters and not Legacies Mechanic also pointed out car was slow to come up to temperature, suggesting a thermostat needs replacing - any chance this is related to heater issue or just a coincidence? Appreciate any help
  3. cheers firenza, yeah my GC8 WRX was about $1k thru winger sublab, think our BG legacy was about half that at an independant mech. Think I'll leave it to the pros - a bit out of my league!
  4. cheers, I got hold of the correct winger's that did the cambelt back in 2013, so I guess its due again. Anyone able to give me a ballpark figuire for cambelt replacement?
  5. The seller says the cambelt has been done, however underbonnet sticker proving this is gone and can't tell from the brief service history (just shows each interval was serviced with Wingers / other Subaru dealer). Is a way of knowing by giving the plate number to Wingers or Subaru NZ? I know Toyota keep detailed service records, hope Subaru is the same!
  6. cheers guys, appreciate it! We already have a 4th gen 2.5i auto so not expecting too dissimilar milage
  7. Hi guys, We're looking at upgrading to a BR 5th generation Legacy, are there any things to look out for in this model? Known weakpoints etc? Thanks!
  8. and just like that they stopped working again! i hate electrical gremlins!
  9. well, this is weird.... the dash lights are back working! In my experience it's not often things fix themselves. Guess I'll enjoy 'em while they are back & sort a fix next time they go
  10. Cheers Jared, will give it a go. Makes sense it is a loose connection more than all the bulbs failing at once. muchos gracias amigos!
  11. Will check all fuses, thanks. Definitely not normal dimming - car simply doesn't have this function. The dash instrument lights are totally off, at night I had to drive with interior cabin light on to read speedo hrmm, considering car's low value & age might just live with it as not worth taking to an auto sparky.
  12. cheers guys, Brake & tail lights seem OK. Trailer plug could be the culprit - whats the best way to check / where do I start lol?
  13. Hi guys, Have a BG Legacy and noticed the instrument cluster lights no longer work when headlights are switched on. All backlighting for other instruments like aircon controls, cigarette lighter surround etc still work. As these are on the same circuit I thought the fuse was likely OK, checked and confirmed fuse still good. Youtube clips show there are close to a dozen incandescent bulbs behind the dash, pretty unlikely they all blew at once you reckon? Perhaps a loose connection? No work has been done on dash recently, so I'm stumped why this happened. Anyone experienced similar?