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  1. thanks for the offer mate, but have one lined up (if it fits!)
  2. Hey guys, as the title states wondering if a BG towbar will hook up to a BH wagon no worries, from the pictures I have seen on trademe they seem to be the same design? thanks in advance, andrew
  3. awesome setup! the box tuned for a certain frequency?
  4. sweet, will get in touch with them if it comes to that ;D
  5. alright, will have to hunt a spare one down if it came down to it what sort of outfit would be able to recondition an AFM?
  6. Looking for an opinion on what to do to help problem solve my misbehaving wrx! (its a my97 wrx wagon auto) It has never missed a beat apart from say over the last month, were occasionally it would (at low throttle opening) i.e coasting at 50-60kmh, just stop running (in gear-revs drop), and then within a second or two resume its happy driving. This would happen every hour to half hour of driving time. Now it has become once warm will do its thing and stall completely, then sometimes takes a couple of goes to restart, then continues pattern drives-stops-stalls, while motor is warm. It isn't a splutter like running out of fuel and it isnt losing power to the dash etc, so my hypothesis from searching is that it could be the coilpacks? Or another aspect of the ignition-like it is halting the spark? Also No cels are showing atm, and it has had an airflow meter issue in the past (cleaned it & it came right) Any ideas what the next step is? ie get coils checked by an auto sparky? Or something else? Any help appreciated