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  1. Deadbeats gonna deadbeat, I guess. An attachment on their benny will really sting. Follow the process, you'll get paid
  2. Pretty much anything GD fits the spline as far as I know; the ultimate in rare and glorious being a V10 Spec C wheel (or there may even be a factory alcantara one that came on some S204's but is so rare as to basically not exist). Getting the clock spring and airbag to work correctly is another matter altogether. Anything later than V8 uses a clever multi-stage airbag that will throw an SRS fault, and probably not go off if you stack the car. I believe the only way to make it all work nicely with a late-model wheel is to get a V8 inflator and clockspring then fit them to a later model wheel. The americans do all sorts of swaps, check out NASIOC and that other big US subaru forum that the name escapes me....
  3. All stock location "big" turbos suck. Every single person that has built a car with one has been disappointed with the end result, the end.
  4. Hrm, if you put one of those engine flushes through it then there's a reasonable chance you've dislodged a big chunk of s***e and it has gone somewhere bad. First port of call would probably be one of the AVCS solenoids; I would wager a shiny penny that there is a lump of goop blocking the banjo filter on one or both of them. Don't use engine flush unless the car has had it for its entire life. It makes perfectly harmless deposits around the motor break free and go and get stuck in useful things like turbo oil feeds and various solenoids. There is a reason that the vehicle manufacturers themselves recommend against it.
  5. Actually, you "flushed the engine"... Howso? Just dumped the oil or ran some sort of product in the oil first?
  6. You are thinking way too much.
  7. Just pay the $20 or whatever and get an olive fitting hose end thingymabob so your factory line ends in a -6AN fitting. as an expensive example, 5/16 to -6AN (assuming factory is indeed 5/16) Better than springing a fuel leak somewhere down the road.
  8. I would say ballpark $1000? I feel like a day's labour and a couple of hundred bucks worth of sundries, maybe add a little more on for oil/filter and anything else you decide to freshen up at the time.
  9. Ha, what a joke. In my GF8 I actually biffed that wheel for the (IMO) much nicer Momo one from a Legacy of a similar age.
  10. Considering you had basically written the money off, that's like.... a dozen free beers and a couple of free good steaks every week for 18 months. Bloody result.
  11. Does it change with RPM? Might have drowned the idler bearing on the pulley thing on one of the accessory belts. You'll know the one when you look at the front of the motor. You can get a replacement for the complete pulley, including the bearing, for like $40 at Repco off the top of my head. I'd give you the part number but I literally got rid of the box last week after doing mine several years ago. EDIT: It's actually pretty hard to drown a stock one of these motors... the snorkus thing has a couple of strategically placed holes that are there to stop it slurping water up. If you keep RPM low and therefore airflow low you would have to be most of the way up the headlights before it took a big ol drink.
  12. Dare I say it but "I told you so"?
  13. How on earth does the head gasket fail on a 50000km car Maybe find out how much a complete motor would cost you, you might be surprised. When I cooked the head on my Hilux years ago it was considerably cheaper to buy another motor, especially when you consider that you're paying the labour for the engine to come out and go back in anyway.
  14. Kinda stupid though isn't it, they should just buy one that Mr. Subaru put a turbo on at the factory. List of ways to get a turbo Subaru, sorted by cost: -Buy a turbo subaru -Swap turbo bits into a N/A Subaru, then get a cert -Swap turbo bits into a N/A Subaru, then go to the trouble of all sorts of dodgy s*** like swapping tags from a real turbo Subaru that you should have just bought in the first place.
  15. How exactly do you propose getting away with a larger engine and a turbo without a cert? Just swap the N/A 1.8L in each time you go for a WoF? I mean yeah you could get a sloppy as WoF guy who failed to notice it was a turbo, but you also have to consider the vehicle would be 100% uninsurable in that state.