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  1. Your engine doesn't really care if the turbo is a hairdryer. As long as it's not knocking, power is power is power. The air gets really really hot as soon as the spark plug goes off anyway. I had 231kw from a VF34 for years, no problems, and that was with a topmount, on a stock V7 longblock. I don't know if I fully understand your goals... you only want less than 250wkw, and you want it to be... deliberately laggy... so it doesn't feel like a big lazy V8? Sounds like a TD06 is the turbo for you, ancient pieces of s*** that they are. There doesn't seem to be
  2. Going to an aftermarket turbo for about 10kw more than a tapped-out VF22 will manage... seems counter intuitive. My 2c anyway.
  3. It will have a stored code. Find out how to extract it. Might be some combination of plugs under the ECU and then it will either flash some random code at you, or display it in the trip counter or something.
  4. Keep an eye on the seams in the door sills. That's where my old man's one started to go brown, and it never went on the sand, just boat ramps.
  5. For those who are reluctant to Google, here's the complete write-up: https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/efr6758-stock-sti-turbo-killer
  6. Borgwarner 6758 has the flow for 300wkw and spools about the same as a big VF. 6258 will spool faster but obviously less flow. They will fit in the stock location but obviously not on the stock flange so a custom uppipe/downpipe is required.
  7. Funky's was surely twisted wasn't it? Cos for a while he was running a good old GT3071R.
  8. See if you can find a Zerosports World League. I had one on my V7 a while back and it had a really nice sound to it, not loud at all, but much nicer than stock. Has a hard power limit of about 235wkw though as it's only 2.5" and quite restrictive. Also it's been said before but you are probably getting heavily overcapitalised into a 200000km WRX, but at the same time heaps of people have done similar and had fun so whatever
  9. A 4000rpm clutch drop isn't exactly a launch, did it even chirp the tyres? There's at least a few people out there that just use the rev limiter as launch control. Not saying it's good for the car but it doesn't just instantly break it.
  10. Borgwarners are magical. Throw an 8474 at it and find out what your block can do. I don't know s***e about the G series, sorry.
  11. Gonna sound ruthless but like.... learn to drive better? I literally never had this issue with my 5 speed GF8. Also: -Worried about damaging car -Gets it tuned to make more power -Asks about launching it Wut.png
  12. Exhaust leaks sound like a tractor, not a whooshing. Maybe get it smoke tested?
  13. I'm pretty sure the AFM thing is like... an urban myth or something. So many people out there running oiled K&Ns for years with no issues. If it bothers you, take the AFM out every service and spray it with AFM cleaner or something.
  14. So it does, good spotting. Quick maths says this one probably approx. 177wkw. As you say, still a good number from a TD04.
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