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  1. I see all the responses about an EJ18T being a bad idea went in one ear and out the other 😅 If you're worried about a Brighton 220 for $1700 being a waste of money, I hate to tell you that building an EJ18T to go in a 200k+ BD2 is.... a giant waste of money. EDIT: But I guess if you must... there's a BD7 with a EJ22E at Pickapart in Wellington. $250 for the long motor, you just have to pull it out yourself.
  2. It is almost never financially viable to do any swap that ends up with something that the factory actually built in the first place. Especially if you can't do all of the work yourself.
  3. My mind is melting at the thought of buying a manual donor car to manual swap an automatic, when presumably you could just... ya know... drive the manual donor car.
  4. Correct. Viscous one. For what it's worth... check the hub bearings out. Mine did something similar and the hub bearing was completely f***ed. Weirdly if you just jacked the car up and kinda rocked the wheel it felt fine, but upon disassembly it was entirely farked.
  5. The 3.0 is a cruiser. It suits the auto.
  6. I'm running the basic Exedy one, with the matching lightweight flywheel. Feels the same as a stock one in terms of pedal feel and engagement. Drove for a few years at 268kw or whatever it made, no worries. If you're taking engine out, make sure to do the rear main seal and the kidney plate (well, you would do these if you were dropping the box out anyway). I'd probably do the rocker covers while it's out. Don't touch the turbo unless you have a specific need to, although since you'll be removing the downpipe you may as well do that gasket.
  7. Power goal? Everything stock location pretty much sucks.
  8. On my V7 they mounted up exactly the same as stock
  9. Use the water spray, and don't cane it when you've been sitting at the lights. I was Captain TMIC for the longest time and I was never like "woah this car is down on power".... I mean, the stock setup doesn't even care about IAT IIRC, it measures the temperature at the AFM.
  10. Most of the kits suck and involve completely hacking up or entirely removing the front bar. Seriously, you probably don't need it. Lot of faff for something that actually has limited useful benefit to the vehicle. Just turn the water spray on and keep it topped up. EDIT: Side note, 1.5 bar is about what these cars hit stock...
  11. Yeah the Possum Links are ancient turds these days. Even an old "classic" G4 leaves them for dead.
  12. If the WoF person can tell you've done it, WoF fail..... depending on the vehicle. Doubt it will do much for the sound, to be honest.
  13. You should definitely spend $1000 on tuning an engine that is mysteriously consuming so much oil that the oil pressure light came on
  14. I wonder if you're up to V7 STI money yet
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