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  1. Does that motor have AVCS? Assuming no but stranger things have happened.
  2. Since you own a modern(ish) model it almost certainly has a very capable factory immobiliser. No key, no start the engine, end of conversation. Would be worth confirming that if it's a japanese import, though. Only way you're pinching a modern one is either with the keys or with a towtruck.
  3. No bueno on the front hitch, there aren't any structures at the front of the car that are a. strong enough for a towball and b. legal to modify. You could definitely do a big steel beam across between the chassis rails to replace the bumper support and then hang a towball from that but there is no way in hell it would be a legal modification of the frontal impact structures.
  4. To accurately determine the torque on a rolling road requires things like accurately knowing the diameter of the tyre, because you are effectively "gearing" the power transmission to the roller. For tuning purposes, where you only care about increase/decrease based on changes to the tune, it's not an issue. But it highlights the pointlessness of comparing dyno sheets from different dynos.
  5. The TD05 is a 40 year old small truck turbo that should have been retired a long time ago. A VF30 would go great, if you can find one and a set of pinks plus an STI intercooler you would get close to stock STI power levels.
  6. Yeah that's a realistic power level for a TD04. Safe limit on the box will come down to how you drive it, but there are plenty of GC-era STIs running 5 speeds with around that 280whp mark without issues. If you launch the car and drive it hard, you'll break boxes with factory power. It's not like they hit exactly 293.2hp and all the teeth fall off the gears.
  7. Did you do anything awful like put one of those "engine flush" products through it? Sounds like something sticky in the valve train; that's about the only way you could temporarily lose compression.
  8. Check your radiator cap (you may even have 2 of them, one on the header tank and one on the radiator itself).
  9. Without wanting to be ruthless about it... you don't want to spend $2000-$4000 upgrading to an STI, but you're happy to spend more than that to get a car that is objectively worse than an STI? Unless you have any particular sentimental attachment to the car, starting with an STI is the best thing you can do.
  10. Probably skiing mate. Plus my s***box hasn't turned over in about 4 years, haha. Long project.
  11. Sounds quite a lot like it's freeboosting... any chance it has a sneaky external wastegate somewhere? EDIT: Actually, got a pic of the lines at the wastegate actuator? Or does line 3 go to it, with no Tee or anything in-line? Would indeed suggest it's freeboosting.
  12. A space ship ion drive wasn't conceived by someone completely deranged, with no basis in science
  13. You know at this point I'm not going to exclude them having done something deeply stupid like using the factory black box of doom for boost control. I bet two internet cents it's an EJ208 in the middle too. What's the ECU? If it's running all the EJ208 heads and manifold then it's probably running that sensor setup with that ECU. To be honest it sounds like the "V7 STI" swap was actually a really average single turbo conversion.
  14. More a reference to all the awesome people whose car is clearly in limp mode and they just wham a boost tap in it long-term and the car is there going "wtf I'm in limp mode because some s*** is badly wrong".
  15. Currently both Subarus have aftermarket headunits and nothing else. The Legacy should really get some of my hoarded gear in it, and I think I might give the STI a gentle upgrade with this round of mods, nothing bonkers though. I used to be a bit crazy on it... Headunit -> Processor (including T/A and active crossovers) -> amplifiers -> w**ky component speakers and sub/s. For what it's worth, with all my dicking about, order of how good it's going to sound seems to go good installation > lots of power > good drivers > w**ky processing like time alignment and active crossovers > fancy-ass amplifiers > expensive headunits. I firmly believe that cheaper speakers, installed well with plenty of power, will outperform expensive stuff shoe-horned into the factory speaker mounts and run off a headunit. In the case of my STI, it being a noisy "fast" pile of crap somewhat precludes the "good installation" bit, AKA sound deadening and a proper sub box in this instance, so I kinda CBF with the rest. 99% of the time if you don't get that first bit right you may as well not bother with the rest, the only real exception being that friggin' HEAPS of power into a high quality subwoofer can overcome "the box is way too small"