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  1. If needed and have the capacity, I'm more than happy to come out and give you guys a hand, share what I know. I can do everything from bleeding brakes to wiring and road tuning Link ECUs (expect rebuild a gearbox & diff)
  2. Tested both of the BOV today and the primary turbo side has a hole in it. Didn't make a sound or hold pressure so I'll replace it this week and see if that makes a difference Secondary BOV made clicking noises and held pressure. Appears to operate as expected.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies and information. I've tried them using the vac hose and they seem to hold find but I'll remove them to physically inspect them and check there direction Just, out of curiosity, what direction should the arrow point?
  4. I'll check out the BOV tomorrow, didn't think of them. If it's the case are any twin turbo BOV compatible or will I need to check for specific part numbers? I had one in it briefly but removed it again. Tee off the IC BOV pipe and showed 9/10 psi on primary turbo.
  5. Hi all, I have been trying to sort out my twin turbo which has boost issues. It doesn't boost at all on the secondary turbo and enters into limp mode (Code 66). What happens is as soon as it revs to 5k it hard cuts and throws a code. Gets full boost on the primary then start the change over then it feels like it dies off. So far.. I've changed over the BBOD with another unit Cleaned AFM with MAF cleaner Check all vac lines are connected correctly Removed turbos to check them for any damage New spark plugs Running out of ideas, thoughts?
  6. Perfect, Thanks for all your help, we'll be pulling out the motor next weekend to tidy up the car so i'll make sure everything is in working order before doing the turbo swap. Also what vacuum line would you tee a boost gauge into on these?
  7. Interesting so I could potentially just block off the vac line and use the other turbo without any issues? Does it mean the boost is effectively held using the ECV and primary wastegate...
  8. The car is definitely BG5A and I'm assuming turbo are still stock on it. Ill have a look at the new turbo for a code but I have a feeling you're right. Can I just stick the rear exhaust housing over or are they different sizes? NOTE (Just checked the turbos and they are a Vf20 & Vf21)
  9. Hi guys I'm fixing up a twin turbo at the movement and it currently doesn't boost on the seconardy turbo I.e 4,500 rpm plus. I've got great solid boost on primary and then nothing after that. Both turbos are a bit old so I've obtained some replacements (issue might not be turbo related??) The issue I have is the secondary turbo I've purchase doesn't have an internal wastegate like the original. Is there any work around here? Need to double check but I believe they are the same turbo which I find strange. Can I just block off the hose and run without it? Car is BG5A 1994 Any help is appreciated Thanks
  10. Thanks Ross & Al Those part numbers are spot on and heled out locate the right seal. i have order a set from Armstrong Wellington. Two seals are ex-japan so will be arriving in two weeks time.
  11. Thanks for that, i would have never through of using them. I'm assuming that i would then need to take my setup in to them as i don't have any seals to measure the OD & ID's. Might google that infor and see what comes up
  12. Hey all, I'm looking for a place to purchase a set of new injector’s seals for some pink top feed injectors. I brought them second hand and they didn't come with any seals. How many seals/o-rings should the injector have? I have been down to the Subaru dealership in Lower Hutt and they can only provide me with the top injector o-rings Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  13. Hi, My orginal power steering lines no longer fit due to some modification i have made around that area. Space has become limited around the intake manifold in which they would noramlly run. I then tryed to adjust them to fit and ended up damanging both lines. What options do i have in term of aftermarket / custom made. Has anyone done this before and have an advise / people to use. I\'ll be using a V1/2 power steering pump on the system and standard rack Thanks in advacne for any help.
  14. I\'ve recently have them fix up a couple of spot on my WRX and they did a really good job. The two small jobs came to $220 and that included paint & finish. They also provided me with paperwork to show the WOF inspector.
  15. Sorted out the water pipe for the turbo, Sorted out intake piping, sorted out new custom exhaust (needs a bit of adjustment)