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  1. Not sure what everyone’s into these days but how about a simple meet to get the ball rolling? Who’s free mid afternoon/evening on the 27th? Potential fish and chip run to Blue island seafoods in Moera, park up in the gravel pit down on the Petone waterfront, next to the Wellington rowing association shed if weather is decent? any suggestions for bad weather? I haven’t lived in Wellington for about 3 years so I don’t know where to cool kids go these days. Not trying to hijack the thread so if there’s any other suggestion please add them.
  2. Blz not the rattle can 😟 It’s a shame you’re so far away,
  3. Does this mean I can claim my legacy is limited edition now? Must be worth heaps now 😂😂😂
  4. I made a Facebook group years ago, I don’t know how many are still in the Subaru world. But it’s another way to contact people on shorter notice, sometimes SPEC C GANG GANG Might be tempted to dig the RA-R out now, probably not, but the thoughts there
  5. I’m not really Wellington based anymore and have been trying to find a new Rep for the last three years or so. Please feel absolutely free to organise a meet. Anything you want from burger fuel, fish and chips at a park, or just standing around in a car park We had 30 people jammed into a McDonald’s once....anything at all
  6. 2 years on and I’m retracting my statement til further notice Got a letter from Subaru saying they need to check the replacement to make sure it’s a good replacement and not a bad one now I have to drag the RA-R out after having it stored away nicely. Not a huge deal I suppose but still annoying
  7. So since we’re going to be released back into the wild again I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of local businesses, cafes, places to stay etc to support during these times In the lower north island (E.g - wgtn, New Plymouth, Taupo, Hawkes bay) and if anyone would be interested in going for a cruise at some point? to a cafe or maybe just a park somewhere and I’ll bring my camping cooking gear? even though this is in the wgtn section it’s open to all who are still active local day trips interregional day trips or over night trips? suggestions and thoughts appreciated Obviously all precautions will be taken might ***** out the RA-R if people turn up
  8. Joined the 3.0r gang a few months ago, scored a 05 BP to daily from a cop, has a bunch of STI stuff on it, brembos front and rear tensioner puller decided it didn’t want to live anymore the other day so ordered a new kit from Subaru, installed it then justified buying a new torque wrench for one single bolt, now it’s back on the road ready to get tailgated by all those level 2 people
  9. Just checked mine, it’s got 225/40/18 on the OEM 18s and I haven’t had any issues on anything
  10. Dayum that was a long time ago now, nice to see you still have them
  11. Might be the mythical stand alone 52mm Subaru branded one
  12. Macbilt makes a very nice baffled and enlarged sump with internal gates, proven on New Zealand tracks many times over I’ve got one on the gravel express atm, there may or may not be photos of it in my WRX build thread from a few years ago highly recommend, I’ve had it for at least 6 years now May as well ask them about their breather setup they make for racecars as well
  13. Wait til you see how people put front mounts in front of the Rad it’s gonna blow your mind
  14. Did you get the JDM fuel pump controller as well? not sure if it matters between JDM to UK though, had a similar problem on a conversion I had years ago edit: re Reading it, disregard, since it’s working without the cluster
  15. Should be there, won’t be doing the convoy though. Probably gonna leave about 5am
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