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  1. I’ve got to go to A-hole this weekend so won’t be able to make this one but hoping to have the Grav ex legal again this week. So should be able to attend the Tui Hq day
  2. Get one of the 12L spray bottles and just go hunnits on the water spray +5 JDM points plus you’ll only have to refill it once a month and it’s probably cheaper than a front mount
  3. I’d be worried about general maintenance of everything else tbh I got a Bp legacy at 232,xxxk, ive just done 50,000k this year in mine, got it this time last year. Only issue I’ve had was the a/c, power steering belt pulley bearing destroying itself great cars, should have got one sooner
  4. WRX DID get an ej207, open deck, probably has yellows and a vf28 or 29
  5. Gosh times really flying atm, You had me at dumplings where can we pre meet and what time?
  6. Where is pencarrow? The lighthouse? can’t say I’ve ever been down Wainui coast road tbh sounds like some good ideas where can we pre-meet? Anywhere for food along the way etc?
  7. Fair enough, I only have ‘lifelog’ for Subarus and memes now new topic created, any suggestions welcome
  8. Date: 26 October location: ??? time: ??? Who’s free labour day and wants to do Subaru things? Cruise to Lake Ferry cafe, lunch, photos? any suggestions welcome, any at all.... We got stuck in heavy traffic last time we went
  9. If you’ve got FB join the group, sometimes easier to contact on short notice, notifications etc
  10. Who’s coming and who’s going to be square? We can eat inside at Blue Island Fish supply if weather if Wellington is s***. time: 4pm ish? See who turns up then we can go from there
  11. Not sure what everyone’s into these days but how about a simple meet to get the ball rolling? Who’s free mid afternoon/evening on the 27th? Potential fish and chip run to Blue island seafoods in Moera, park up in the gravel pit down on the Petone waterfront, next to the Wellington rowing association shed if weather is decent? any suggestions for bad weather? I haven’t lived in Wellington for about 3 years so I don’t know where to cool kids go these days. Not trying to hijack the thread so if there’s any other suggestion please add them.
  12. Blz not the rattle can 😟 https://www.prismaticpowders.com/gallery/8447/powder-coated-bbs-wheels https://www.prismaticpowders.com/gallery/13594/gold-18-inch-bbs-wheels It’s a shame you’re so far away,
  13. Does this mean I can claim my legacy is limited edition now? Must be worth heaps now 😂😂😂
  14. I made a Facebook group years ago, I don’t know how many are still in the Subaru world. But it’s another way to contact people on shorter notice, sometimes https://www.facebook.com/groups/158978157909659/?ref=share SPEC C GANG GANG Might be tempted to dig the RA-R out now, probably not, but the thoughts there
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