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Found 7 results

  1. FB Link to the event : See you there! JoKer
  2. So my little bro hooked me up with a bunch of sticky mounts for my car so there's 3 on there now & a few more to stick on My OFFER is to you guys if you want Chase car footage either on track / during the weekend or stuff come find my & pick a spot! RULES Be considerate Don't pull off someone else's camera Dont hog! thats it I'll be on Track as much as possible!! Not fanging it so I wont be able to keep up for much of it but there will be some cool shots! Outside / inside & rear views & I'm not scared to stick more on! jared Also HINT use that #tag! it might take you places!
  3. Howdy team, Exciting news! MegaMeet '18 and ClubSUB 21st Birthday Supported by @Subirex Automotive Lock in your calendar May 12th and 13th. Location - Manawatu May 12th Lunch at Tui HQ, $15 per person, or Subscribed members will get this for $0.10... no thats not a typo, Subscribed members will get a sweet as Tui HQ Build your own BBQ burger lunch for 10 cents! After lunch there will be a cruise back into Palmy, where we will enjoy a spot of competitive Karting! we have 35 spots available at $35 per person, or $20 for subscribed members... We will likely head out for some dinner at a yet to be determined location. May 13th We have teamed up with our friends at Playday on Track again for a full track day at Manfield motorsport Park. $150 per car, or Subscribed members $130. SO, as you can see, for ClubSUB's 21st birthday, we are saying thanks to the members who have kep't us ticking along with massive discounts across the board. Plus we will have a bunch of prizes and giveways all over the place! now would be a good time to subscribe eh! How do we enter? how do we pay? We have put everything up on the CS Store, and made it easy for you to pay with your credit card via out Paypal link. Get into it team! any questions? Joker edit : for you Facebook Fiends get in and hit GOING to these events & share them around the Subaru Communities!
  4. Just wanting to know if anyone got any pics from the meet that went down in Petone a few days ago, Chur
  5. until
    CS FB details : Details ClubSUB turns 21 this year, and we want to celebraqte with a MegaMeet at the spritual home of MegaMeet, Manawatu. Check out all the info here - and sign up here -
  6. until
  7. So the club turns 20 next year and being somewhat of a milestone we would like your thoughts on how best to celebrate it. Fire away with your thoughts on what, how, when, giveaways, events, track day etc etc we would love your feedback. I'll add options to poll as you throw them up. Check whatever you will attend as it would be nice to throw a few ideas into a weekend or whatnot. Also is it an anniversary or a birthday...?