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  1. Hit up A_J_T he’s somewhere down there and is pretty handy with that TT>ST stuff. I borrowed his tactrix a few months back but not sure if he’s still active on here though.
  2. 19x8 or 18x9? Either will prob be a stretch when you turn corners or hit bumps and worse when you do both at the same time.
  3. Think some of the guys were putting a inline irrigation tap on the breather to stop it doing what @Loren said.
  4. @Andy_Mac just make sure you put a thin line down and smear it out with your finger so when it clamps up you don' have excess spill out the sides. Silicone not good inside engines or turbos.
  5. @Optical had some ages ago and may still have them. Seats not pies...
  6. Dude there is a cheaper option than fixed back buckies...eat lots of pies.
  7. Yes but I wouldn't bother till you fix it properly. Just nip them up tight.
  8. Might need to unbolt intake mani from heads and put inlet pipe on then force mani over it.
  9. http://bbs.22b.com/forums/showthread.php?33698-Md321v-billet-fitting-advice-needed
  10. I *think* a v8/9 spec c manifold would solve the problem. Bloody hard to find tho and may need the rails to suit it. Everything else would swap over.
  11. Hmm you have a big issue. @boon went through this iirc. The tgv section is mildly in the way. Looks like you'e going to be that C*** who left everything till the last minute and cancels their tune the day theyre booked for... Lube the S*** of of the turbo inlet and hose then force it over. Clamp it as tight as you can. Get it tuned then fix it asap post tune. Then go back and get tune checked.
  12. Looks like the kink on the end of the inlet pipe has been cut off at some stage.
  13. Pretty sure that will be identical to yours dude. Just get them to measure it up.
  14. Corrected the first portion. The reason you can't use it is it knocks. It actually runs. The wiring issue is due to the immobilizer iirc. It's simply cutting and switching a couple of wires to get it running. Pretty sure Nzdm vs jdm.
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