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  1. Had a tune done on my BP5 turbo legacy last week at Torque Performance. I got in on the recent special they had which was really good value. Really happy with the results, more power, much smoother power. Power and torque is available earlier and it just feels like the car is much more in sync than it was previously. Would highly recommend a tune to anyone with a turbo car, especially if you have done modifications. Torque performance did a good job, they found a issue with the car while they were tuning it. Since having the downpipe fitted at Subtech i noticed when coasting downhill the rpm fluctuated between 1000-1500, kinda bouncing up and down. When i first noticed it i took it back to Subtech and Gareth came with me for a drive and i showed him the problem. He didn't look under the bonnet and was adamant that it was nothing they had done. I decided to live with it as it was pretty minor. The technicians at Torque could tell it was getting bad readings on the dyno and fixed the problem. Turns out two hoses had been left unconnected to the intercooler. The intercooler is removed when fitting the Subtech downpipe. Hence Subtech had not re-fitted the intercooler properly. Even after i took it back to them and showed them the problem they weren't interested in looking at it. So i am actually pretty disappointed in Subtech and their service. There are other things that disappointed me as well: 1. They sell a downpipe that does increase power, but they don't tell you it will make your car sound like s***. In my opinion it should come with a resonator or cat converter fitted to it. 2. They tell you don't need a tune with that downpipe, but if you want the best result you really do need a tune after. 3. They claim to do Tuning, although they road tune from an tuner overseas. Gareth told me "All a tune does it trick the computer to pump more fuel in" I'm sure most tuners would disagree with that completely and that a proper Dyno tune is far more involved than that and superior to a road tune. 4. When talking about the exhaust Gareth was adamant that the resonator in the rear of the legacy exhaust is a cat converter. I know for a fact its a straight through resonator and the two cats in the system are in the factory downpipe. In future if i was looking for performance upgrades to my Subaru i would much prefer to use Torque Performance than Subtech who seem to try to get extra power without considering the overall driving experience.
  2. Webup can u give us some info about how ur tune went with infamous? How much was it, easy to reflash the ecu yourself? Many versions to get it right?
  3. Hey Heylin, Paulngui who are you going to get to tune your cars? Who's on your shortlist?
  4. snwmbl, were waiting for your review? How was the tuned legacy over easter?
  5. How did you decide on Torque over NZPT and the others you were looking at? What do they charge? Is your auto or manual?
  6. Call Henry 021 255 4651 he can do them for $25 a piece.
  7. Great! Can't wait to hear the results!
  8. Hi all, would like to hear feedback from people who have had tunes done on their BP5 and BL5 Legacy's. Would like to know: Who you used? How much it cost? What was the process? What was the result? How have the cars characteristics changed? Were you happy? More fuel of less fuel? Any other interesting info? Thanks.
  9. Yep, OEM ones are NGK too, but 10 year old technology. They still sell em cause they making a killing on them, everyone just installs the OEM part from the manual. IX MAX ones are better.
  10. Just had my sparks replaced today. Got NGK Iridium IX MAX from a contact i know for $25 each (LFR6AIX-P), the OEM ones were quoted at $45 from Supercheap (ILFR6B). The IX MAX plug is superior to the OEM plug and i can actually notice a difference, bit more power and smoother throughout the rev range. The OEM plugs had done 110K so was time for change and was money well spent! Anyone on here had a ECU tune / reflash on a BP5 / BL5? Would love to hear about it, results, fuel economy and whether its worth the investment?
  11. 2004 BP5 Legacy GT Re: sound, that's why i put a high flow cat in mine, sounds nice now. No way I could go back to the restricted power of a stock downpipe now.
  12. That a strange result. I have way more down low torque and more power through out the rev range. Increase in power was instantly noticeable. Talk to Subtech about it if you are concerned but you shouldn't have less power. Just doesn't make sense.
  13. Mine is auto too. I noticed a lot more down low torque with the new downpipe. NZ Performance Tuning have a Legacy GT in for Downpipe and Tune at the moment. You could ask them about it the combination, what sort of downpipe it is.
  14. Seems some cars are worse than others. I noticed it on mine, but i was looking for it quite hard. Are you Manual or Auto transmission?
  15. Yeah i don't think Subtech do a Dyno Tune, road tune only. Defo want the Dyno tune if you go that way in the end. Don't think you need a tune straight away, so if you want to keep the cost down do the downpipe and then save for a tune later. Be aware driving catless makes your car a whole lot smellier too. Some people here probably think im a greenie, but i hated the smell when pulling into my garage, sitting at the lights idling with the windows down or someone getting stuff out the car while idling, was pretty smelly to me. Is much better with a cat in the system. I've got a kid to drive round too so don't want to fill his lungs with poisons etc. As to whether you should just leave as is, sleep on it. Let it brew in the mind. Do some more research and make a decision later. But you will always be wondering "can this car go better?"
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