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  1. Thanks for the replies but really only asking about the wiring side. As i recently got a dereged rs legacy which has everything mentioned above and more. So am fully capable of swapping everything over but the only thing im unsure about is the loom. Is it a simple engine loom swap or swapping the whole cars loom?
  2. Hey everyone, got a quick question here but am unable to find a definitive answer online so thought I would ask you guys. If i was to turbo a non-turbo 1992 bc5 VZ, how much of the engine/cabin wiring loom would need to be changed? Also is it as easy as unplugging and swapping over a turbo loom? Im guessing it isnt but worth an ask. Thanks all
  3. I diagnosed it as a headgasket as it was pushing oil firstly into the overflow bottle, then slowly more and more into the reservoir. Also when I left the car sitting for a couple days, on start up it would throw a big puff of white smoke. Couple weeks before, the car did get 3/4 hot on the temp gauge as a water hose came off. So I pulled the motor, got the heads skimmed and crack tested, gave the block surface a clean up. And put back together myself. No other symptoms, no smoke, no overheating, just oil sludge showing up in the reservoir.
  4. 90% sure its getting worse. I can tick headgasket off the list but now thinking other things like oil cooler leak? Any ideas?
  5. Ok thats good to know. With the block, i used a toothbrush to get everywhere i could, and degreaser. With most of the pipes, i used just a rag to wipe off what i could get at, and with the radiator, was a bit difficult, so i just flushed it with water for about 10mins
  6. Hey guys, i have a 1996 gf8, manual and am getting oil in my water reservoir. It started a couple months ago and got to the point were it was getting quite a bit of oil gunk in the overflow tank and reservoir. So first thought was headgasket. Got into it and got them done about two weeks ago. Now the annoying part is, im still getting oil in my water. Could it be just the last of it coming out?(i did give the radiator and engine a good clean while it was out) Or could it be the turbo? Oil cooler? Any suggestions will be helpful:)
  7. by bigger port, do you mean the opening on the valve side? or the intake side of the heads? just found a thread saying w25 ej257 heads have smaller ports than z20 but bigger cams
  8. would be a good piece of mind having one but as u say, big $$.
  9. yeah getting inserts, maaayyyybbbe sleeves but thats on the wish list. Was hoping to get a cdb but for the price and shipping from the states, couldnt bring myself to do it. Iv had a few looks on the net but couldnt find anything detailed.
  10. Will be more tempted to use a wire in link. That was going to be my next big question, can you put aftermarket cams in avcs heads or is it a waste of time? if i use the v5, they will definatly be getting 272 cams or even 282. Just seems like i would enjoy the difference of having avcs heads over the v5 but i definatly know v5 sti heads are good for some big power. Havent thought too much about a power goal but atleast 320kwatw to be a serious(semi reliable, as far as one can be) race car, then will go from there
  11. awesome evowrx, exactly what i was looking for. Firstly its shim under bucket, no idea on the valve size and ports. will be leaving how much they will be ported to the expert who will be doing it atm, as i dont know much about that side of things at all. any chance a link would be up to the task of dual avcs? dont think il be buying any other heads because if this z20 idea fails, then v5 heads are a definate go. will get hold of murch but the goal with this car is it will be a track/race car, has an ej22 block, these heads, custom twinscroll exhaust, hx35 and all the usual bolt ons. just need to decide on the head im going to use so i can get my a into g haha will create a build thread soon
  12. Mine is none waste gated also but no housing sorry haha
  13. No idea but can measure it when I'm home for you mate. Being twinscroll, I would hope it will spool quite quick. If I go with the z20 heads, they will defiantly be getting upgraded valves and springs
  14. Cheers for the replys guys. Originally was going to use the v5 heads cause there known to make excellent power but got the z20 heads for free. So have no problem spending some coin on them. The turbo I have is a hx35 twinscroll so was thinking the avcs would work a treat with them but couldn't find any good info on the z20s so was hoping someone here could inform me. I will port and polish them but don't want to waste my time with them if they can't beat the sti heads
  15. That's what I was thinking. Hoping someone knows
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