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  1. Does anyone know of a decent/reasonable body worker who can take a dink out of my wife's white 2000 Imprezza bonnet made by a speeding lorry carrying demo from the CBD. Grrrrrrrr.
  2. Finally got it done by Stubaru, seemed to know what he was doing also had all the oils changed, and air filters which were in a poor state, air con now works a treat just in time for the summer. all in all $1,600, bit more than I wanted to spend but overall happy with a comprehensive job. Water pump was starting to leak as well....
  3. Had a quote from Stubaru of $1300 all genuine SUBARU parts including oils, sounds good to me and they have a history in motorsport?
  4. Nearer 20k, but don't want the the heart to go pop..... and I guess if you want to keep the performance you need to get the work done right...
  5. Yep its come up to the expensive one. Which garage would anyone recommend in Christchurch, that used original parts and new how to treat a Fozzy STi SG9. I have heard Stubaru is good. Any advice welcomed.....
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