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  1. Hey guys What potential does a v7 sti ecu have ? Lookimg at buying a link extreme for my build but have been told that the same can be done woth my standard ecu. ? Can anybody clarify? Im looking at around 300-350 kw all finished up
  2. hey What's involved in flipping my manifold for v7 it spins straight round and all lines up. Is it just the acc cable i need to change around?
  3. Car wont be tracked except in a straight line. That sump looks mint but yes a bit of money!!!! Just trying to track a twin scroll one for now.
  4. Getting hx35/2 soon as i have that coin so i am looking fir a twin scroll sump and pick up now if anyone has info where to get one. Buying twin scroll hesders from nzkw this week and getting flange made for twisted to t3 for turbo a d twin wastegates.
  5. Yet steve murch directed me to a place to buy 865s?
  6. So lachlan why is it when i find a turbo ive been recommended by at least 3 different club sub members i post it and get a smart arse bull **** reply from you. Fyi i have a g4+ ordered and 865 injectors. Go go b a dick on someone elses thread.
  7. looking at buying this for me big build any ideas> good bad... looking to produce at least 300kw wanting quick spool and and not able to move in my seat
  8. i did have a exedy heavy duty in car and last night gave it some snot in second to third and melted the flywheel to the plate...... not happy what pd pressure plate is a good number. these ones im looking at are 2800ld
  9. drews automotive? they seem to look alright.
  10. So clutch just died last night stuck to the fly wheel What you reckon about this?
  11. So whats an hx55 like? Or kiguwana? I think thats what they aee on ebay....
  12. Yea cruizing through ebay at the moment to find a holset
  13. Is this genuine?
  14. Exactly what i wanted to hear and this is the track i thought id go down witg link
  15. hey guys and gals Anyone had a play or heard about these?