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  1. Thanks bro but i just bought some DTMs 18x7.5 black spokes and a big old dish
  2. how much of a **** would these be to get under the guards?- or just too wide? and offset?
  3. Ok sounds like guard rolling will help so if i go 18x8.5 what tyres should i run? And offset?
  4. trying to find some rota grids but having a huge issue trying to figure out a size that will fit comfortabley without me having to get to serious with suspension etc i can find then in 18s but 8-8.5 will be to wide? with out massageing the guards etc? car is lowered on tein springs currently.
  5. Sooo boys i am thinking of getting this And wondering if these bad boys will fit/clear the front brembos Fire away:)
  6. Seriously considering a v3 sti wagon (scoob withdrawal ) and just want to know will a v5 sti front bumper go straight on or do i need lights bonnet guards etc for it to look right
  7. ok so whats the difference between a normal wrx and a 20k wrx, are they higher spec???? couldnt find anything on google
  8. hopefully might be getting one of these, just wondering what the bp5\'s are like on gas eg ks to a tank + being auto?
  9. am saving up $$ for a set of grids,just wondering if anyone on here is running a set in 17x8 ( think thats what im certed for) and what offset and tyre combo? Or any photos. I can find millions online but rather get info from a kiwi lolol Want to go for a flush look can roll my guards to if i need to ha Believe there is a clubsub discount on these bad boys too ;D
  10. Bump he said it was ageees ago Does anyone have anything?
  11. Need one rim or maybe a set as my missus smashed one-really only need one to be honest Need something asap Text 0220780913
  12. Just realised my hks Bov is still with him-anyone got his mobile number? I\'ve lost it