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  1. I'll be going PBMS once they get their DYNO up and running as they have informed me it might be up and running around early JAN 2016. They provided me similar information as you Niran, hence the more reason why I trust them, and they have honest friendly services. They might be slightly pricy, but I rather "Do it once, do it right" instead of being sorry later on, and I know for sure PBMS will look after me for my future endeavours. Also got my sump baffled there !! I'm real happy with their service, they also tuned my previous STi 03 when Garry Capper was there
  2. Whoes ever used Torque Performance for tuning? Can someone please provide me with a top gear review. Thank you
  3. Hey thanks, yeah I was confused yesterday because I saw a post where a guy tuned his GRB with a full exhaust and only managed to get 194kw ATW and in my head i was like that can't be right ?? but then it was ATW lol so missed out that part. Any Recommened tuners in Auckland btw ?
  4. Hey thanks Ill upgrade my fuel pump and injectors as well thank you for the tip ^~^
  5. Hey guys. I've just recently bought myself a JDM 2.0L GRB STi 2008. I want to try make 240kw out of this like my previous GDB (This one was moderately modified such as FMIC, Injectors, Full Exhaust, Fuel Pump, rebuilt VF22 (as it blew up lol)) However I want to keep the engine layout close to factory as possible. Only mods ill do is custom full exhaust, Boost Controller, and a BOV is this really not enough for 240kw? Because I am sure I heard a few people were able to gain at least close to 240kw with factory top mount etc etc. Any recommended Tuners out there in Auckland as well who specialises in Subaru ?? Because my main tuner GCP isn't very good with communication, + his dyno is broken or something he last told me in April 2015 Thanks <3
  6. Lol thanks for the info today hahah currently Looking for the silicon turbo inlet then gonner chuck in the vf22 I got of you guys today. Thanks again
  7. Hey thank you everyone for your guys help !! honestly didn\'t think anyone would reply and help so fast. So yeah my plan is to get the VF22 so my car can run lol and hope for the best when I get it tuned by Garry Capper. Then sell the turbo when I decide on either the Garret or Tomei.
  8. Thanks for that. I was looking at this http://www.ebay.com/itm/390326552703?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 but just really unsue if it will straight bolt on for us JDM
  9. Yes this is why Im asking lol, becasue I dont want to splash 2.5k on a turbo that might produce the same outcome as the VF22.
  10. Hi subaru owners I need some help. I can\'t decide between the 2 turbos my goal is to get 250kw with my standard v7 motor then 300kw when I go for a rebuild if possible ? I have 800 sard injectors - HDi front mount intercooler - walbro 500hp fuel pump - tomei type s fuel regulator - full hks exhaust - syms equal length headers - greedy boost controller - link ecu (not tuned yet but once I get turbo in hitting straight to garry capper) So yeah just blown up my vf30 on the track on Anzac Day I do quite abit of tracking now as well. Thank you and kind regards Johnny
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