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  1. Thank you all, like understood. Were wrong soedeniny negative wires, earth, and just wear a minus.
  2. Hello! I made a change from the simple climate control system navigation on DVD, I like the look of this equipment. Replacement did although I do not own electrician, took printout pin here in this thread above, thanks to the author. Climate works switches all modes, speed blower, cold \ hot and so on. But there are some problems: 1) No display of air flow direction, the temperature outside, the temperature inside the trailers. 2) Do not translate into night mode backlight " Air conditioner display " Although the display in the Navigator becomes dark when the size, and the buttons are lit as well. 3) remain unconnected one wire coming out of the navi, wire yellow with purple stripe.As found it to be connected to the handbrake, but there is one pink wire, I do not know how to connect to it. If anyone can help me thank you very much! I live in Russia and I translated through Google Translator. If badly written sorry, speak English poorly.