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  1. yeah he sometimes parked it on naenae rd but it was up his driveway with the gates closed when it was taken! he found bits of the alarm siren on the ground so it looks like they knew what they were doing! not that alarms seem to do much these days
  2. hey people my mate from work has had his 97 wrx sti hatch stolen from his driveway!!! on the 12th march, in naenae road naenae its dark navy blue with a black bonnet and 5 spoke chrome wheels, rego is deb126 so if you see it or know anything could you pm me its most likely in bits by now but i thought i would put it up in here anyways for him
  3. have you got a new blu ray player debs? replacing the dvd player??? hehehe
  4. just want to get some feed back on the mega meet videos just out of interest can people let me know what audio track they use when watching the video as im wondering if i need to have 3 audio tracks on it in for future dvds/bds? thanks oh if you didnt know the tracks are Music and sound in 5.1 Music and sound in stereo No music just sound in stereo
  5. no worries hope everyone liked the videos.
  6. its in the post somwhere it was sent last thursday so today would be the 3rd working day hopfully it turns up today or tomorrow
  7. interesting disc? (i hope it was ok) video was shot on a sony hdd full hd handycam with an external stereo mic i have been using the mpeg 2 format for BDs as ive been told its more compatible with older bluray players, seems to be clear enought to me hope its the same for you?
  8. bout the same 40% BD and 60% DVD (if you have a full hd tv i would recomend the BD version over the dvd) a few people are getting last years as well as this years with there orders
  9. ok wellington members I will be going to the ''end of month thursday night meet'', so if you have made an order let me know and i will take them with me on thursday night! so if there are any other people in welly that want 1, if you order now, i can have them done to give them out on thursday night.
  10. i can get 3 dvds/bds in 1 postage bag for $4.50 or $5.0 postage, but i cant add any protection for them if your after 3 dvds/bds if your after 3 i might be able to fit them in a larger bag that costs $5.50 std 3day post (fast post might be $6.00)??? not sure would have to find out, send me a pm of what your thinking of ordering and i find out the costs for you!
  11. yep, you sure can just copy and paste the order form into a pm, fill it out and send it to me, as soon as i see payment it will be made and sent out to you there is no cut off for orders as you can order the 2010 and 2009 as well if you like thanks darren
  12. well the first orders have been sent out so they should be arriving soon! hope you enjoy