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  1. thanks for all your replies, mine is a wagon wrx so its running a td04 but I will be replacing with a td05 at the same time as the ecu swap. I was advised to run a new fuel pump as well but wasn\'t told about split fuel rails.
  2. Hey there, thanks in advance for any information you may have in regards to putting a v1 sti ecu into a v2 wrx? what I have researched on the net is that the engines were mechanically the same between the v1 wrx and v1 sti and that its the ecu that was the only difference in performance is this true? I also read that the v1 wrx was open deck and the v1 sti was closed deck and the cams were slightly different (what does this mean as I am not very knowlegable with cars) and that the internals were not forged until v2 sti\'s. all in all though my main question is... is it safe to put this v1 STi ecu in my v2 wrx or will I melt something or will something go bang? because I figure that going from 10.5psi to 14psi is quite a jump. I realize these cars are getting old now and people are talking on subjects of later models but I do appreciate any help you guys can give.
  3. I agree with ballsburnin, those lights look tacky and out of place, sort of lights that go with those big big tacky snow plough skirts you see on some cars ;D
  4. cheers for your thoughts, I plan to get the TD05 in the car in a couple of weeks, when the turbo goes in i can plug in this ecu and run 14.5psi now that I am fairly satisfied that it isn\'t missing anything and should be good to use. cheers for uploading the image for me bugeyesti ;D
  5. okay so i just done some researching on the net.. i found on another forum that some guy pulled out his v1 sti ecu (which is an SA) and his looks exactly like mine with an empty space in the corner for a chip. his case has no blue dot sticker on it either so i\'m starting to think that these ecu\'s were not factory chipped and that those that are chipped were done aftermarket.
  6. hey guys, for some reason i cant seem to upload my image of the ecu. i thought i would simply be able to just drag n\' drop it in but obviously not[/img]
  7. [/img]thankyou so much for your information guys! http://s1373.photobucket.com/user/ronnieroosta/media/DSC00124_zps088a5edf.jpg.html yes its still the green 96\' v2 GF8 wrx as far as I am aware the v1 WRX and v1 STi had little to no difference engine wise and that it was the ECU which made it go harder (am I correct?) so with that in mind I decided that it would be okay to run a TD05 and v1 STi ECU (just so happens that I come across the most aggressive ECU). I have some supporting mods such as a 2.5" free flow turbo back exhaust, mechanical mbc and I decided on just a free flow panel filter (HKS) as I was told that unless im tuning the car loads it would be a waste of time installing a pod filter and allot of warm engine air unless its devised to suck air from the outside. thanks for letting me know about the fuel pump I will get onto buying a new one in the next week or so. yes I have a green AFM and the stock 380 injectors. okay so that picture you posted.... mine looks different, the big difference is that I have no chip in the upper left corner of that photo with the numbers F54P etc etc but the SA outer case sticker is the same but no blue dot (not that the case matters much) and the blue 000 RZ0 sticker on the yellow female 4 plug is the same (looks untampred too). so would I be right to start thinking that this is a different ECU if there isn\'t that chip on the board? it doesn\'t look like there is evidence that there ever was a chip there just the solder blobs for a chip to be soldered in. I will upload a photo of mine shortly so you can see what I mean. it doesn\'t bother me if it isn\'t the SA type ECU but i would like to know which ECU it is so that when its installed i know what boost to set on the mbc. thank you so much for your time & help guys i\'m really grateful!
  8. Lachlan I mean a version 1 WRX STi ECU which has SA wrote on the case (in pink) not a version 1 WRX STi RA. cheers for setting me straight that there is no chip inside. cheers for reply & cheers BC5RA for your input and thanks for post timmah so I can go ahead and install this thing with the TD05 and be sure it is a SA ECU? shall I upload a photo of the insides to you guys so you know for sure? thanks for your help guys
  9. i have bought what is supposed to be a v1 sti sa ecu for my v2 wrx but i cannot find any photos on the net to show what the inside should look like cos as far as i know it could just be a wrx ecu with a sa shell on it. the blue sticker on the yellow plugs reads RZ0 000 (seems untampred too) which seems to look correct from the images i have been able to see on the net but there is no chip with sti wrote on it.. some stuff on the net says there is no chip and others say there should be a chip, i dont know who is right and there isnt much info i can get on this topic can anyone please help? i can upload an image if that helps? this is important for me before i install the ecu as i need to know what boost level to set my mbc to as my boost solonoid gave up on me last year. so i need to know... is it a genuine SA ECU (if not which one is it) if it is the real mccoy should the boost be set to 14.9psi like i have researched? thankyou for any help
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