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  1. They are driving down with a loan car and we are swapping over. It would need to go to subaru to diagnose the gearbox i would have thought.
  2. Well yeah im in hamilton and the car yard is in auckland haha. I will let them know its transmission related.
  3. It does it every time and at the exact rpm point, it could maybe be the valve bodies and converter?
  4. Hey i recently just purchased a 2006 legacy gt auto. When in 3rd on wot at about 5500rpm it will drop back 500rpm then go again to redline. Any ideas? Im about to drop it back to the car dealer to sort the issue just want them to have as much info so its fixed.
  5. we used a od2a app and came up p0031 low bank sensor 1 so thats the one closest to the motor?
  6. ^^ is it most likely to be that one??
  7. it may have been sorry don\'t know too much about the subaru\'s "its my partners car"
  8. when we got it checked all i can remember coming up was heater sensor or something on the computer, we cleared it then it came back on again while the car was running. this was done by a auto electrican, he couldnt tell me which one it was. theres one on the downpipe for the 2nd or 1st turbo and one just before the cat from what i remember
  9. I\'ve recently had my engine check light come on so i got a friend to check the codes. It comes up oxygen sensor that\'s fine my problem is my car has a front and back one is there anyway to tell which one it is? my mate didn\'t know or are they the same?? try\'d searching couldn\'t any info any help is appreciated.