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  1. coming along nicely still working on this project. Have a td04 turbo and a front mount intercooler. Now I need the rest of the stuff. You guys were awesome help and I\'d like to thank you all. Cheers
  2. New gear stick and gear boot, steering wheel and sti seats. Painted all plastic in interior white. Clean
  3. You guys are awesome. Thank you all will post pics of my process if yous would like to see them. Also keep posting I need all the help I can get.
  4. I\'m from Wellington. I bought the car from a car dealer in Lower Hutt, my situation is that I want to start a project and if anyone is from Wellington or in that region would you like to help out maybe with parts and a price or just some cheap deals going around that you could tell me about wether it be from a retail store to a second hand product. Thank you all for posting. There has already been some tips I have taken in.
  5. I\'m not trying to make this a track car or rally car. Just a road legal street car.
  6. It\'s a project I was thinking of doing for on road purpose. Just a turbed ej15. If it isn\'t road legal then I won\'t bother. I\'m unsure of a lot of things to do with this an that\'s why I asked for help, like things I need? What I need to know? Is it possible? And also can I drive it on the road being an ej15t or not? My car is a 2004 model impreza 1500cc. Not a wrx. Any help? Thank you
  7. So I have a Subaru Impreza 2004 ej15 and need a bit of help on what I need to put a turbo in it. Any help would be nice thank you