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  1. Probably gonna go try find some utes to look at tomorrow since I got nothing to do in Auckland haha
  2. For our dogs 1 is a 34kg rottweiler and the other is a 24kg mix we don't know and it's too cramped even in the subarea for them so decided for a ute. And yes I don't like the looks of the triton or the bt50
  3. Might have to go have a look at the Colorado's now haha haven't had a decent look at them yet. Thanks for all the info guys has been an eye opener to say the least haha
  4. Yeh been looking towards the Ranger due to they are one of the only ones with dual climate control
  5. Hey guys looking at getting a ute for the wife. It's mainly going to be a town daily but I'll be using it on the weekends to go up to the snow and basic off roading e.g. visiting mates farms and going down onto the beach. Looking at anything 2014ish onwards Wanting to know what makes/models to stay away from. Cheers
  6. Anyone in or near New Plymouth that could have a look at a KE35 SR Corolla. Need to make sure body is not full of bog and straight also need to check out mechanical as has been pulled apart for the last 10yrs and the hilux shortened diff is all good Cheers
  7. So I managed to get my boss to buy one so we shall see if it works and will update you guys once I give it a go
  8. Haha got my hopes up for a second 😂 looks good in theory but for the price I don't want to take a gamble and it not do anything.
  9. Yeh can't justify the sat phone for what I do. Was more of a curiosity if it was possible
  10. Sweet as thanks for the info looks like ill have to keep doing the same thing haha
  11. Haha I'm not fussed about people trying to contact me it's more for when I want to get ahold of suppliers and the like. Oh well might have to ditch the idea. 😞
  12. Oh yeh? Nice. I'm 3rd year apprentice hopefully qualified at the end of the year haha. And yeh they basically went bankrupt and then got taken over.
  13. Haha nah Independent Refrigeration. ESP got bought out by horizon now they are cool logic and electri serve. It's mote for the times when I need the odd spare part brought out that I have trouble haha.
  14. Hey guys. Was wondering if any one had any advice or info on how I could possibly boost my cell phone reception as I tend to do alot of refrigeration work on farms and most of the time I'll only have 1 bar or nothing. It would be hooked up to my work van so doesn't have to look pretty just needs to be functional. Cheers
  15. Yeh but it happens everytime I park up is there a way to maybe break them in so it stops?
  16. Nah the caliper went in like the usual on the fronts and nah the pads arent wearing quickly at all that ive noticed . Im going to bleed the brake likes and put new fluid in and go through the handbrake system when i get home. was kinda hoping to be an easy fix as im in auckland and home is whakatane haha. will just have to take it easy when i drive around
  17. Yeh I had to push them in when I changed the pads and everything seemed normal?
  18. Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago one set of rear brake pads decided it was a good idea to shear off and not work properly. I checked out the disk and theres minimal scoring and i changed the pads. Ever since then when ever i release the handbrake and start to go it feels like the calipers are sticking and then theres a loud clunk and its fine. I thought it might have been the pads because they were new and its the first time i replaced the rears but now im not so sure because it keeps happening. What could be causing this? Bleed and replace brake fluid? Faulty abs sensor? Something in line with the handbrake sticking? i have recently lubricated the guide pins for the calipers but that hasnt helped at all
  19. Yeh i cant blame ya going through that many. Its a difficult road to drive some days. especially with a fully laiden van
  20. You work over at Turoa side dont you? I try use my engine to brake as much as i can on the way back down the mountain. The worst is the fuel consumption going up haha
  21. sweet as need new rear brake pads so might aswell see if i can get them to price me up some aswell.
  22. Awesome. Where abouts did you get yours from?
  23. Sweet as will have to get them and see how I go
  24. Really? thats silly. ohwell will have to wire them up properly then
  25. Yeh i will probably bypass it all and wire it up to somewhere that comes off the ignition and will turn on with the car and off when i turn the car off (maybe through a switch so i can turn them off if i need to) Are they quite bright?