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  1. Im yet to jack the car up and play with the wheel for sloppyness as I do not have anything around the house to put under the car incase the wheel jack fails etc. Not sure if some tiles and wood would be enough etc. Anyway, it grinds when I move the wheel left a little when back to centre or right it stops. Started about 1000km ago and just got worse, still driveable but needs attention. Who would be the best Mech in North Auckland (pref Albany to Silverdale etc) to repair it without over charging me etc? ie making out its a complete suspension failure or some absurdity. Most mechs I find trustworthy but you hear the occasional not so good.
  2. I have a trailer I want to push into place, not possible to reverse in. Ive tried a couple of places now and they said they wont do a front towball for an Outback (2006 H6), I get if its protruding why that would be a problem. but HEAPS of vehicles out there with them that have no issues with WOF etc. Surely If I can remove it, then why not? Can somebody please help me out with a suggestion. In Aucks. Cheers guys.
  3. I dont know why but my last one had no issues what so ever. its almost like they used anti corrosive spray on the under carriage. I always use an under carriage washer with some saltaway. But many SUV/4wds get on the sand, Outbacks were designed just for Tarmac. If I was going for a nice drive on road only, Id go a B4 legacy/Liberty. Nice firm ride in those.
  4. Hey guys thanks, sorry for really late reply, forgot about thread. This last one looks real good, even can do a reverse camera. I wonder if there is a new model with android 11 yet or if this one is updateable?
  5. I use to take my old outback along the sand in NSW and I see there is a club for Brumbies etc up Stockton Beach (above Newcastle) Does anybody take their AWD Subarus up NZ beaches? I mainly want to for fishing along Muriwai and 90 mile beach. Will buy some beach retrieval gear of course as everybody gets stuck once in their lives. I also wonder if there is a set of tyres that would be suited for the sand and for the road? Currently on Potenza's but I imagine next January they will need replacing, already done 55kkm on them.
  6. North Shore Tow Bars told me they dont do Tongue and Hitch systems for Outbacks. Ive seen them on many of my Gen models. I guess keep asking around. $450 for a standard bar seems steep when I can get a used one for $49 and they arent rocket science to install with a torque wrench etc.
  7. Well Ive had a look and Im 100% confident I can do it myself with my torque wrench. However, finding one at a wreckers; Do any other models use the same tow hitch design/bolt pattern as the BP? Do any of the Legacy sedans use the same hitch/design etc as the BP? Heaps of tow hitches at the wreckers, but not sure if the design (ie the bolt pattern) was the same for similar models and years?
  8. Nobody has an opinion on where to get a cheap tow bar fitted? I tried Subaru Strong used parts, waiting for a reply.
  9. It was simply to push the boat into place not for use on the road. But if it wont pass a wof its no go. Where is the best place to get a cheap tow hitch put on the back of this 2006 H6?
  10. I need a tow hitch on an h6 04/05 Outback. Where would be the cheapest place to get one fitted? (its not legal to fit one yourself?) Also I need one for the front to push a boat into place, cant be done in reverse. Would a tongue system be the best and most economical way? If it costs too much I will find another way to get my boat in place. Cheers
  11. I have a Pioneer head unit in my 05 outback. It is technically imported, but at 1000km as NZ stock ran out it was converted to NZ, except of course Japan runs on 100 octane so its been run on 98 all its life, 240000km. It has not had a single fault (aside from changing the airbag everybody had to). Its been service by Subaru NZ since new and done every 10000km, done by the service manual/log book. I have its 15 years of service history. Lovely car to own and drive. I considered getting the pioneer BT receiver but its $150. Id much prefer a double DIN android model so I dont have to rely on my phone for maps etc. Is it possible to get a reasonably good Android HU for ~$500? I presume it has a Subaru to Pioneer loom adapter in there at the moment.... I saw these but they are not technically running android which negates me wanting an android device (apple as well if possible for resale if need be) https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/pioneer-pioneer-avh-a215bt-double-din-head-unit/589888.html?cgid=SCN01030703#start=4 Any tips much appreciated.
  12. I have a left passenger door skirt (is that the technical name for the plastic panel at the bottom of the door, one on front and one on back door?) that was cracked. Its just the rear left door, its kind of missing bits, so I Im wondering is it easier to repair or buy a used one from a wrecker? I havnt seen one in the same colour used so I would have to spray it, any advice on that? Cheers
  13. No I dont but its the same as the 06 ones I see on google. See where this car has english next to the smaller trip computer in the odometer/fuel area, my one has 2-3 japanese letters instead then 300km etc. Is this normal or am I buying something wrong as mines not in English? Its under the tachometer like this, but mines in RED letters. http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t...K/IMAG0229.jpg
  14. Saw an Outback I really liked today, only issue is due to having a DVD player/trip computer and on the main instruments a lot is in japanese, and it speaks Japanese when i do something wrong. Its more off putting to the Mrs, is there anyway to change the chip or something so the instrument panel is not Japanese writing?
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