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  1. I just test drove both of these cars, each was stock... I was blown away by the difference! The V6 was from 2000 and had an EJ207 in it, not sure if that has been swapped at some point or they did actually offer that from factor? I drove the S-GT first, thought it was nice and civilised.. had a bit of pull which was fun, but nothing amazing. Then I test drove the V6 WRX, it blew my mind, really put you back in the seat. I can't even describe how different it was, but I loved it so much more in almost every way. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this, would love peoples thoughts on the difference between Hatch WRX's and the earlier generations! Cheers
  2. How much would you expect to pay for a job done well?
  3. Obviously that is one way of doing it... I thought the finish might not be quite as good?
  4. Hi, I am looking at buying some rims but they come in this very light bronze colour, is there a process where you can get these changed to polished silver? If there is, how much would this likely cost? Cheers! Here are the rims - This is what I would like them to look like - not just silver, but polished
  5. Hello, This is a photo taken from a 2002 V7 WRX STI I was just looking at, noticed this bit of surface rust around the transmission and wanted to check if this was anything to be concerned about? Cheers
  6. Actually forgot to mention this, the right CV Boot has a tear in it? Could this be the problem?
  7. Hello, I have just recently test driven a 2004 WRX and during the drive noticed an unusual problem. What I observed was a shaking coming through the steering wheel with a grinding noise that accompanied it, this noise was only present under acceleration and was most prominent when going around corners. I would not say the sound was overly loud but if you were listening for it you could certainly hear it. Any ideas on what this could be? Aside from this the car appeared to be in great condition for its age. Cheers
  8. Thank you Marky for the very helpful response, I feel as though I should also provide some context however so you understand my reasoning (also I am unfortunately not in a WRX yet but the purpose of this trip is to buy a car). In general I am a responsible and respectful driver on the road which is a lot to say in itself considering how a lot car enthusiasts my age drive. I seldom take passengers, however given the circumstances I am currently facing there is really limited options hence me asking the question. I am going down to pickup a car and need someone who can drive it back for me and know very few people with a full license yet who could do so (parents unavailable). Also i'd like you to think about it from this perspective, surely in your car you exceed the speed limit now and then for a bit of fun which is also breaching the NZ road rules. Is that really that different from what I want to do?
  9. Hello, This is a question which I cannot for the life of me find an answer for, so I thought I'd check if anyone here knew. If you have completed a defensive driving course, are on your restricted and get caught with passengers in the vehicle do they take away the defensive driving qualification right then and there or does that only happen when you exceed a certain amount of demerit points? Also, in regards to that how often are there cop stops on the highway from Auckland to Matamata? Cheers
  10. I'm not sure I really trust the SCA brand, I haven't heard many good things about them.
  11. Hello, Is there anyone on here who sells trolley jacks? I need a 2 ton one and will buy either brand new or used as long as it is a reputable brand of jack. Cheers, eZ_Harry
  12. Yeah the interior was in pretty good nick however in person the exterior has quite a few little dents and scratches etc. probably a little bit above what I would have expected for a car of this age however they are only visible close up. In regards to the STI as much as I would like to get one I am only 17 and this will be my second car so I want a good step up from my 1.5L N/A Impreza but don't want anything to fast to the point where I am destined to end up around the side of a tree. IMO the WRX is probably pushing it speed wise as it is On that note, is it normal for the side skirts to be quite wobbly? Touching them they really wiggled around.
  13. Hello, I am on the hunt for a car to replace my current and have been taking a look at some WRX's, just recently I went a drove a private owned 2003 WRX with 150,000KM's on it. I have posted the link below so if anyone would like to take a look at the listing and perhaps give me their opinion on whether they think it looks to be a good purchase that would be great. That aside I have done quite a significant amount of research on the model however there are some varying opinions regarding certain things and I have always found the information on this forum to be quite reliable. Firstly, do you think 150,000KM is starting to be getting quite high for this model of car and is this the prime time for a head gasket issue to emerge? Also, is the 5 speed transmission this car has really as bad as people say or is that made out to be worse than it really is. The owner also mentioned that the check engine light just went on so he took it to a diagnostic place and they told him it was the oxygen sensor in the fuel pump, would cost $400 to replace the fuel pump and that would fix the problem, does this sound right? Overall this car seems to thought of as reasonable reliable however any words of advice for a prospective buyer would be great! Also can 02-06 WRX Imprezas still be imported from Japan? I've read that some cant be. P.S. The owner is a recent university graduate who owned a silvia and prelude before this, he seemed like the type of person who would have respected the car but still driven it like it was meant to be driven. It also has an almost full service history. Auction - http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-953617917.htm Regards, eZ_Harry
  14. I don't understand how this thread is 'bait', yes I currently drive an impreza but visually it is SIGNIFICANTLY different to your standard blue WRX STI hence why I posted the thread. I am currently wanting to upgrade my car and this is a potential car I am interested in so I am researching the car first....