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  1. Good Evening, Are there any Club Sub members living in the Coromandel that fancy cruising up to FlatNats 19 in convoy? I am going on the Saturday. Cheers, Mike
  2. Hello. Would anyone in the Rotorua area have a Tactrix and cable to borrow or rent please please. Need to reset my TCU on a 5eat
  3. Good Avo, Moving up to Rotovegas next week and wondered if anyone could recommend good Subaru mechanics/ garages in the area? Thank you
  4. Wilco Tim. Though I think he said he only does big spray jobs....not my little skirts. Hope Hamner was good.
  5. Good Evening Folks. Does anyone recommend a good body work paint sprayer? Need to get my WRX Wagon skirts and lips painted from black to white. Thank you...
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