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  1. trying to do straight piping for my exhaust remove catback eh..
  2. Hey guys, Any good welders out there? preferably out west auckland? Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, first of all thank you for those who helped out for my Tein issues couple of weeks back. Currently, I have a Greddy FV BOV sitting in my garage (I know it's not recirculating) but some people say it is ok not to re-circulate? like GFB BOV. (correct me if im wrong). If it is ok, can you go to hardware store and get a hose metal cap or plug to block the hose? or do you need a proper 'Re-circulation Plug'?
  4. Thank you so mich for all your support. I will try to take it out and soak it again or freeze spray it. But any more ideas will be much appreciated. Thank you again
  5. UPDATE: Two Upper Collars are MOVING ! But the Bottom Collar is still stuck.... If I move Two Upper Collars (Up or Down), will it FREE up the Bottom Collar by any chance????
  6. Thank you for all the quick info. but is there anyone tried without removing the suspension?
  7. Wow never herd of that What would co2 actually do to it?
  8. I have a tein adjustable on my bp5. Soaked, heat, hammer and everything but it is stuck. Any ideas and tips to free these collars? Thank you
  9. Thank you all so much!! Id probably get a castrol syntax
  10. It is now due to change and would love to know which one is recommended?
  11. 114-77828 is the number for the foglamp but i dont know which bulb...
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