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  1. Front tints done and wheels repainted. Looks much sharper now. Can't wait for the sti pinks to go in!

    Would like an exhaust too 641d9dad947d9d3be5a201b26513ece6.jpg95fddec2c355225c9ccb976ac0ad40d6.jpg
    There's an rps on trademe off an Impreza, same version I have on my rev d. Sounds like a Subaru should and not droney at all.

    Love seeing more BH5s :)

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  2. Its been a week and all is still well with the Custard Square.
    gave it a half assed cut, polish wash n wax.

    I still really need to sort out those head lights.
    I recommend CRC Headlight Doctor! Great product.

    This is a beaut of a car@RAYDEO, you're making me want to import a BG5 from Japan. Although I fully admit to being a BH5 nut, the 2nd gens do have a certain something about them that has always peaked my attention.

    Love the colour and love what you've done so far. Keep the updates coming

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  3. Looks like I have some pic rehosting to do 😂

    Anyone happen to have a tactrix cable I can borrow this weekend and lend for a few days? I ordered a vagcom but highly likely it won't arrive today :(

    I've been very quiet on here - works been pretty hectic. But got some exciting things on the horizon planned for Arwen in the near future. @Andy_Mac I'm just flicking you a PM now!


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  4. Yes indeedy - sorry folks, have been a bit quiet. Car is currently at the panelbeaters getting a facelift after some school kids decided to sprint across a main road in front of traffic.

    Completely minor and superficial by the sounds of it but sucks to be without my car ..


    The more I think about it the more sense it makes to go single turbo. I love the twins but cost effectiveness wise I think finding a single conversion kit with all the bits will be better long term (more power, less complication etc)

    Casual pic of my beauty out near the farm;



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  5. I figured out the weird single wire switching door locks on my Wagon and wired in a door lock/unlock remote and also some funky immobilisation that I won’t be specific about.
    I also received a Fenix alloy “race” radiator. The stock one still holds pressure and maintains temp but it looks old and tired. I had a premonition that it was going to explode on the way up the ski field this season and leave me stranded. I doubt the Fenix will perform any better as the car never got hot before but it will be nice to not have 19 year old plastic radiator in there.
    God damn. Looks nice. I want one

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  6. Loving this build - following intently.

    Also love the Nexus in the stereo setup, that's a nice no-compromise approach without having to relocate the aircon unit. If I hadn't sold my Nexus 2013 probably would have done the same but as it turned out went with the ipad instead.


  7. Well, what I can I say. Been a busy boy these last few weeks so apologies for the lack of updates.

    Got to work last weekend painting my Syms wheels - spent the whole of Saturday sanding and primering them up, before using Sunday to start the actual painting process.


    Starting with the sand..




    First coat of etch primer on first wheel .. just a very light coat .. discovered here that getting coverage on the sides of the spokes was going to prove difficult.




    Finished saturday with all wheels prepped ready for painting ...




    Sunday began, and so did the painting.


    Using Rustoleums "Aged Copper" paint;




    We started off with one coat, ended up doing, 1 etch primer, 3-4 base coats per wheel, and then one coat of clear.

    This is what I ended up with 😍






    Bit of a closeup vid showing the metallic finish -




    Finally today, after letting them dry for most of the week, we got them on the car.







    Needless to say I am thrilled with the result and cannot believe how nice they look. They suit the car much better IMO.

    Next job get the tune sorted and tint the front windows! 😆


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  8. These are those interior bits I wanna do something about. Black our the gray. Was gonna satin black spray these but now thinking about carbon wrapping... contemplating cheap stuff off eBay and DIY as I’m a cheap bugger lol. Anyone got recommendations? Or things to avoid? In terms of simplicity I feel spray is easier but wrapping seems like it would last longer especially interior handle area given it’s somewhere that is touched daily



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    I have some 3d carbon wrap vinyl. You're welcome to it if you wanna try. Heatgun is a must it's not as easy as it looks especially on fiddly areas.

    But I reckon satin black would look classy as.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, 1randomkiwi said:

    Yeah 4th Gen you didn't need to take the dash out... 5th Gen... well yeah... :(

    Guess I'll just keep a spare hoody in the car for the front passenger :P



    Hoping my BH just needs a regas. I have the opposite problem. Heat is fine just no nice beautiful cool air for the summer time. Still, now that we're coming into winter I can probably delay it a bit 😅

  10. 5 hours ago, boon said:

    I have looked at those but wonder if the finish is going to be as good as a pro one? I'd hate to spend some $ doing it myself, be unhappy with it, then have it be a proper bastard to get it off so I could get it done professionally.


    I watched this vid the other day, might give you an idea of what to expect with a DIY kit .. (zero safety in this vid, not even a respirator - was triggering me so hard)



  11. 19 minutes ago, Gripless said:

    I took both front wheels off and checked the ball joints and bushes.

    everything seems tight with no play and the boots are all intact. 

    Wheel weights are all still in place. 

    Tires are still legal and no flat spots or bulges. 


    Had a lot of vibration on the road going through the roadworks on SH16 and wasn’t sure it was just the road surface. 

    Steering felt off as well. 


    Yeah my steering is feeling a bit off too.

    First port of call once new wheels are on is full alignment and balance.

    Nothing with a Legacy badge except the original RS-RA will ever be a "classic", far too many of them were just used as the family runabout and they don't have any sort of (well known) racing pedigree to make them desirable.
    The rarer ones like the S401 will always hold some novelty value to Subaru enthusiasts, but the humble Rev D will never be any more classic than a XR6 Falcon or a Honda Accord.
    At a time it was the fastest production wagon in the world.. They will always have their fans for sure.

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