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  1. New off road hack, 2002 Forester XT auto, but great for what I want
  2. Update, the plugs were very average so in went new ones, but I think the main cause was one of the coils plugs clip was broken so the contacts wouldn't have been contacting properly, had some spare good ones off a legacy I had that that were lower kms so replaced the coils with them Drives like the ol girl should now!
  3. Hi Team Recently bought an 02 SG forester XT auto to do a bit off off roading First thing I notice is it's definitely low on power, the previous owner had been running it on 91 so thats not a great start Its completely stock and been well serviced, and i pulled the intercooler off last night to check hoses etc and everything looks good Have put a tank of NPD100 octane in it and it seems to be a bit better but it still is down on power What would be the next thing to look at? boost kind of jerks a bit and isnt real smooth AFM maybe? ill try cleaning that with some cleaner and see how that goes but otherwise be good to have some suggestions
  4. I have Dunlop Sport Maxx RT's on my V11 STI and honestly they surprise me with how sticky they are Got them new on the car at 105,000kms and have now just done 122, 000kms and still a lot of life left I'd rate them better than the Potenza RE003 which I've had before as well
  5. Yeah same as here in Nelson be $4 for BP98 soon at this rate
  6. Exactly what @Dairusire said and I can confirm this I had a 2001 GTB E-tune and even on 98 it had detonation switching to 100 definitely fixed the issue
  7. Got a mate asking the below He has a forester xt 2009 that has a blown motor and wants to know if he could swap the block over from a na forester the same year, and obviously swap pistons and everything else from the xt turbo engine
  8. Yeah I figured it may be nothing but it's alarming when u see a huge cloud of smoke out the back like that, but yeah it definitely only is for like 2 seconds on Startup, car runs fine too and doesn't seem to use hardly any oil Just had a thought I had it serviced by sas on the 29th December so may be it was slightly over full or something?
  9. Well I hope not what's best to do? is there much I can do without spending heaps on it to actually diagnose it?
  10. So a while back my 2010 sti a-line started puffing a little bit of blue Smoke from the exhaust on cold start It went away for a while and recently started doing it again, it is quite a cloud on start up but will only do it on a cold start and goes away after a few seconds Any ideas? Car has just clicked over 120,000kms and religiously change the oil every 5000kms
  11. Lol I watched that too it was just shameful they basically gave us the history of how good the old Sti's were and then tried to say at the end that the new ones were better Lol they even added the suby rumble soundtrack to the new one, pretty sure they don't sound like that without huge modification Subaru are honestly clutching at straws these days, admittedly the 2020 STI is good but I really don't know what they were thinking with the 2022 models they look hideous and they themselves seem to struggle to find anything nice to say about it Video below is quite funny and accurate I thought https://youtu.be/QaDDNVVwvWY
  12. Lol well thats a lie they definitely dont make them like they used to Cant claim that line unless they have a 6spd manual option Basically a Levorg renamed as far as i'm concerned Disappointed https://www.subaru.co.nz/media/news/subaru-new-zealand-reveals-surprise-2022-wrx-gtb-wagon
  13. Agreed - that just puts people off even before they get to the price lol
  14. Interesting - yeah I remember that too lol, feels like not that long ago either
  15. This is more just out of interest really and not looking to buy But are they really worth this much? seems ridiculous, even if it was lower kms and a bit tidier Id say 40k? but 90k really? Be interested to see others thoughts.. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/wrx-sti/listing/3227162834?bof=DHzvyz1E
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