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  2. Hey Mate unfortunately I must have passed on or sold the AFM I though I had, I would still try another one if you can
  3. Sweet will have a look and come back to you
  4. Na that wouldn't affect the AFM as I Removed that of mine as well with no issues No I'm in Nelson but happy to courier it to you if I do in fact have it - will need to check tonight after work
  5. If you can get your hands on another AFM I would try that, fixed my GTB when I had one with that issue I may even have a good AFM at home
  6. No Offence by why do you want the user manual anything you may need to know you can ask on here or find on google
  7. So Went for Brembo oem pads the old ones that were in the car were the brand called Surehalt lol that just sounds nasty
  8. That's what I'm thinking the guy I spoke to at NZAD said they were not dusty
  9. Im currently looking for new pads that aren't real dusty - anyone know what Brembo pads are like?
  10. Ah yeah thanks I dont actually want any noise especially being auto what would you or anyone recommend as far as getting more power but being sleeper quiet?
  11. Cheers I heard the factory muffler in the V11 STI's are very restrictive and you would be better to do that before the downpipe? Does this sound right?
  12. Thanks Andy - Gave SAS a call - were very helpful
  13. Hey team got a 2010 STI A-line and are wanting to get it tuned - will do a downpipe and fuel pump first My Main question is who in Chch would be best to tune it - Id rather use Possum bourne but being in Nelson its a bit impracticable to take it up there I was looking at Torque Performance maybe? On a second note anyone tuned an A-line before?
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