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  1. Mine is up for sale too if your interested I am open to offers https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/listing/4059060901?bof=K8eEBvLW
  2. Yeah mine have those installed it's not really a squeak more a creak
  3. Nah it's definitely outside can barely hear it with windows up
  4. Ah bugger Sounds like it might be common then 🤔
  5. Hey there team My sti has developed a bit of a creaking noise in the front brakes whic is mainly noticeable at low speeds or when pumping the pedal when stationary On the road the brakes work fine, pads are relatively new (Dixcel) had them on a year now I pulled the front wheels off and removed pads etc but couldn't see anything off or anything cleaned them up a bit but made no difference, fluid is all at the right level as well Link to video below so you can hear the noise this is pumping the pedal slowly
  6. Fortunately not the order cost me $762.69 AUD (includes a GFB Bov) and freight of $236.51 AUD means there wont be any fees
  7. Yeah called them they still have to get them from AKL so price is the same unfortunately
  8. So turns out I can get it cheaper from Car Mods Australia by about $200 and that's landed in NZD
  9. Hi Team Looking to get an XForce catback exhaust for the STI - this one here https://www.nzperformance.co.nz/categories/exhaust-system/x-force-exhaust-systems/subaru/xforce-impreza-sti-2007-on-hatch-cat-back-exhaus-2?gn=Subaru&gp=3 However being in Nelson the freight is like $150 to get it from AKL If I can save a bit and get one from the south island would be great but cant see anyone in the south that stocks them - anyone know of someone?
  10. Edit i think I found it - part number 11810AA000
  11. Hey team Looking at replacing the PCV Valve on my 02 SG Forester but just not sure if the part I've found on Partsouq is the correct one From what I can see it is part number 11815AB450 But is this the complete PCV Valve? pic below
  12. Some pics today, took the Forester for its first decent trip today, very happy with how it performs off road even with nearly worn road tyres lol Next job all terrain tyres a sump bash plate and maybe lift it a tad?
  13. New off road hack, 2002 Forester XT auto, but great for what I want
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