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  1. Ah yeah thanks I dont actually want any noise especially being auto what would you or anyone recommend as far as getting more power but being sleeper quiet?
  2. Cheers I heard the factory muffler in the V11 STI's are very restrictive and you would be better to do that before the downpipe? Does this sound right?
  3. Thanks Andy - Gave SAS a call - were very helpful
  4. Hey team got a 2010 STI A-line and are wanting to get it tuned - will do a downpipe and fuel pump first My Main question is who in Chch would be best to tune it - Id rather use Possum bourne but being in Nelson its a bit impracticable to take it up there I was looking at Torque Performance maybe? On a second note anyone tuned an A-line before?
  5. Cheers Andy that's all I was really wanting to know, wanting a rev d engine so with top pink feeds we should be good
  6. Hi Team - I am assisting my mate who has a 2002 Legacy B4 twin turbo manual with a blown bottom end He is looking to just drop another replacement engine in the same - but having a hard time finding the right engine - would this be correct? how do i make sure its the right version? the company says its out of a manual but unsure what year but says it has the pink injectors Appreciate the help
  7. Agreed with the 100 octane - I bought a twin turbo BE5 Legacy a while back it had been running on 95 and as expected it was pinging its nuts off After a couple of tanks of 100 she was perfect and much more economical too
  8. Only Forester I ever has was an STI Forester which was very happy to be tuned however before doing anything I would highly recommend some decent quality rubber, not only safer but much more fun on the corners when you aren't under steering everywhere! After that I would look at a turbo back exhaust fuel pump and a tune Thats just my 2 cents..
  9. Probably good to check the secondary airpump isnt noisy or about to go my B4 one let go at 120,000kms Not to big of a deal to deactivate but worth noting
  10. Thanks! great find - will see if he has it!
  11. PartsOuq have this one not sure if it would fit tho This might help too
  12. Does anyone know much about these gauges? are they any good as far as quality goes I see Partsouq has them I like the idea of oem parts like this especially cos the backlit colours are the same as the cluster etc or would I be better off going to an aftermarket one of some sort?