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  1. Yes its a great site I buy parts from there all the time and use their diagrams
  2. By Using Carjam and Partsouq I can see it is a TF035 Turbo OEM part number for the turbo is 14411AA770 and if you google that it says TF035 See below links should help*KwEZLTxXHVNdaV5DRxonC0FVdXJsHRIfHgwaB2sab1JealYNFF5aCRoaHwkGD19QRkIbGA9RVVxtVFAVQhEIdG0eGhwfR0pRCQYPSQkQHx1GS0wJUw8WCWsPUgAAAACog1-k%24&vid=0&cid=962&uid=28481&q=YA5-010561
  3. The good news is NPD is expanding to the North island with its 100 Octane..
  4. Does it surge or stutter when powering out or through a corner?
  5. Oh damn that's a beautiful car! Those rims really suit it too
  6. Just finished a detail, couldn't not take some pics
  7. Installed my blitz boost gauge today with a zero sports holder very pleased with how it looks! Plus car is doing 14psi which is perfect
  8. Cheers Phil not sure I understand this but is it 12.38 psi on average?
  9. Hey team Just about to put a boost gauge on my 2010 STI A-line Anyone know what the factory boost is on one of these so I know what to expect once installed? Also which line is best to tee into?
  11. Hey Mate unfortunately I must have passed on or sold the AFM I though I had, I would still try another one if you can
  12. Sweet will have a look and come back to you
  13. Na that wouldn't affect the AFM as I Removed that of mine as well with no issues No I'm in Nelson but happy to courier it to you if I do in fact have it - will need to check tonight after work
  14. If you can get your hands on another AFM I would try that, fixed my GTB when I had one with that issue I may even have a good AFM at home
  15. No Offence by why do you want the user manual anything you may need to know you can ask on here or find on google
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