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  1. Probably good to check the secondary airpump isnt noisy or about to go my B4 one let go at 120,000kms Not to big of a deal to deactivate but worth noting
  2. Thanks! great find - will see if he has it!
  3. PartsOuq have this one not sure if it would fit tho This might help too
  4. Does anyone know much about these gauges? are they any good as far as quality goes I see Partsouq has them I like the idea of oem parts like this especially cos the backlit colours are the same as the cluster etc or would I be better off going to an aftermarket one of some sort?
  5. Man thats hideous, looks like its come out of a different version of the human centipede movie lol
  6. Hey mate I have an old 99 SF forester that I do a bit of off-roading in mines an NA Manual, I chose the manual as it had the hi/lo ratio Id have to say its VERY impressive off road only thing that limits mine is its not lifted at all so ground clearance is sometimes an issue Occasionally I find a bit more power would be great especially on some steep muddy/rocky slopes In some ways an auto might actually be better off road as well as the hi/lo range isn't actually very low... if your going for an auto SH series i would probably get the XT just for that extra power.. Hope this helps
  7. Added the sti logo to my intercooler today
  8. Totally agree here although thankfully I haven't had my vehicle blown up on a dyno I can confirm their disclaimer is bs
  9. Reading the whole thread is quite entertaining too!! 🤣
  10. 🤮 not sure where the 'track' part comes from either as it looks like its just an na impreza