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  1. Thanks guys! I wouldn't have thought to replace the gaskets while I'm at it so cheers for this advice. Will let you know how I get on
  2. Hi Guys Noob question - are the mufflers easy enough to remove at home? I picked up a pair of the Genome mufflers and want to chuck them on my wagon Has anyone done it themselves? I had a quick look under the car and saw how they're fitted. Seem's to be a couple of bolts and these rubber fasteners. I've tried Goggling for a step-by-step set of instructions or a how-to video but haven't had any luck. Cheers. Manny.
  3. Haha maybe if I had won the $18m Powerball last Saturday... pretty happy with mine - stock standard so the aftermarket parts on the two listings above would be nice to haves but my bank balance laughs at the thought of it. Seems like there are a fair few wagons down in the Canterbury region! I ended up getting mine delivered to Auckland from Timaru.
  4. Admin - not sure where I can post this, so if it's the wrong place feel free to delete/move. Hi everyone I came across this listing on Trade Me last night - love the wagon but is it really worth what they're asking?? Just over a year ago I picked up a similar wagon (2.0L GT B-Spec 6spd 110km but without the STI goodies) for about $10k less than this.
  5. Oh, you meant an Impreza... sorry pretty new to Subaru's! So this style would bolt straight in?
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! Greatly appreciated. I couldn't see any tags on the seat, so I'm assuming they're just standard seats. @Andy_Mac your interior looks awesome! Did they come standard or did you put them in? @kwi_fozze is the GR chassis the 2009 onwards shape?
  7. Hi guys, been on this forum for some time but I'm not a regular user. Just a quick intro, my name's Manny and I drive a '06 BP5 - VERY HAPPY WITH IT I'm hoping someone can point in the right direction. Has anyone swapped out their front seats? My drivers seat is worn and there is a hole in it, rather than getting the seat re-upholstered it appears to be more cost efficient to just swap it out. I know there will be a few bolts to undo but is there anything I need to look out for? Is it fairly straight forward? In other cars I've owned there have been airbag connections under the seat. I found a Youtube video for the rear seat, but couldn't find anything helpful for the front ones. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Ended up taking my wagon into Subtech and was really happy with their service. Turned out to be a dirty airflow sensor (which thankfully was an easy fix) and it's going fine now.
  9. I've booked in at Highbrook Automotive for Friday but I might give Subtech a call and see if they squeeze me in earlier - also a bit easier logistically with work being in Parnell. Would probably have to take Friday off work otherwise.
  10. Cheers for the feedback so far guys. Apart from car audio and alarms, I've never had much work done to my previous cars. I learnt a little bit about Honda's but very new to Subaru! I just had a quick look at Highbrook Automotive and they seem quite ideal - Thanks! If I were to look down the path of a boost gauge, can you recommend something which would suit my wagon? I don't intend to modify it (apart from an exhaust at some point).
  11. No boost gauge installed. All I can say is up until about a week ago, it performed a lot better.
  12. Hey guys, I've got a 6 speed 2006 BP5 Legacy GT and was wondering if anyone can recommend a workshop I can take it to and have it checked out. I don't thrash it and drive it Eco mode Monday to Friday (damn Akl peak traffic) but open it up a little in the weekends and use the Sport mode(s). Recently I've noticed it doesn't go as well - I'm not sure what the technical term is for a Subaru (was a Honda driver up until 3 months ago) but if it was my old Accord I would say something like "VTech doesn't engage like it used to". Anyway, I just want to know if anyone could suggest a place that know their Subaru's and could give a good look over. There are no warning lights or strange sounds and I'm not mechanically inclined so I can't do it myself. Would prefer to take it into a garage with a good reputation for peace of mind. I work in Parnell, live in Mt Roskill but I could take time off work if a lot of people vouch for a certain workshop in Auckland. Cheers, Manny.
  13. I'm not sure I'd use it enough to justify getting a factory one from a wreaker. Definitely want to head down the path of a detachable.
  14. Hey guys, Has anyone in Auckland had a detachable towbar put their wagon? If so, where did you get it put on and were you happy with the result? Looking more at the attachable ones as I won't have a need to use it daily or even every week. I'm not looking to tow boats or anything. Most likely will just be for bikes. A roof-rack would probably be a more cost efficient method but the entrance to the garage and work basement car park could get the better of me! Cheers, Manny.
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